Detoxification is a term that is often used for chemical and alcohol dependencies. However, it is also a term, which describes the removal of normal metabolic wastes that accumulate from the body’s normal functions.

It also includes the body’s process of removing foreign substances which invade us through living in a polluted world. This includes chemicals and organism that are found in our air, water, food and homes.

Our bodies have a resilient ability to process these environmental substances, but sometimes we need additional support for these processes. It is now appearing that some people have an inhibited ability to maintain these functions. These people are often diagnosed with conditions like chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and immune deficiencies such as autoimmune conditions.

The Center offers comprehensive cleansing and detoxification programs. These programs include dietary regiments such as therapeutic fasting or elimination diets along with herbal and nutritional supplementation which supports the body’s natural "detox" processes, specifically, the cytochrome P450 pathways.

We offer therapeutic Far Infrared saunas to support patients during their cleanse. Theses low temperature infrared saunas help to mobilize and eliminate toxins and chemicals from your system in a thorough, but gentle way. Far infrared heat is more deeply penetrating than higher temperature saunas and helps to dilate and expand blood vessels, allowing for greater sweating and more elimination of harmful toxins. Further, far infrared heat promotes lipolysis which is the breakdown of fat tissue. Toxins, which are stored in fat tissues, are released into the blood stream and can then be eliminated from the body through normal routes of elimination such as the skin, urinary and digestive systems. Theses saunas also increase heart rates and circulation - its like working out without exerting your muscles. Higher temperature saunas such as those found in health clubs can often stress the body, which limits the detoxification process.

In addition, the deep penetrating heat of far infrared, helps relieve muscle aches, soreness and stiffness and heal tissue injuries.

Here's what a patient has to say about our sauna:

"I am currently being treated by Dr. Puc at the Stram Center. One of the optional treatments that I have chosen to use is the infrared sauna located in the Delmar location. I have been using the sauna twice a week now for several weeks. The booking process is easy and convenient and there seems to be plenty of availability. The facility is well maintained and very clean with a private room and shower for when I have finished. I seem to have some relief of my symptoms on the days I use the sauna and therefore I look forward to my appointments. I find the cost to be reasonable for the quality of the facility and what is offered and not needing a membership for the service." ~ Kathryn.