The Center offers a wide variety of cancer care treatments — including IV therapy, acupuncture, medical massage and clinical nutrition — to help boost your immune system, reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, increase your energy, reduce anxiety and generally improve your quality of life.

Our Integrative Medicine approach integrates the best of western scientific medicine with the wisdom of complementary practices. The emphasis at the Center is our team approach in the care of our patients to provide the most effective treatment, respecting the medical wisdom across disciplines.

Each member of our staff has been carefully selected for their skill and sensitivity in order to provide the highest quality of care to our patients.

"The Stram Center didn't tell me I have 4-6 months to live; they said 'we are going to attack this with everything we can.' I believe I have been helped here."

Watch Christine's testimonial about her cancer care treatment at the Stram Center

In loving memory of Christine, who lived more than two years beyond her initial prognosis. Christine agreed to sit with us for this interview because she wanted to encourage others not to give up hope if you are told you have a few months to live and to seek an oncologist who will work with alternative medicine.