We often associate healthcare with “sick” care – but then where does wellness fit in? At the Stram Center, we believe that it is not only important to heal the body, but to also bring the body into its utmost state of wellbeing.

This means prevention, taking care and paying attention to our bodies and emotions. Our wellness IV’s offer a wide variety of vitamin and mineral IV drips to those who wish to achieve optimal wellness: from enhancing athletics performances to immunity boosting, increasing energy and more.


The use of intravenous allows for increased dosages than can otherwise be achieved through oral dosing, as well as bypassing any malabsorption issues that may exist in the digestive tract. This can be especially true with antibiotic therapies, averting side effects so often seen through oral antibiotic regimens. Additionally, higher serum concentrations achieved in IV therapy can produce more marked improvements and in shorter time frames.

The Stram Center currently offers the following wellness drips:

·Energy Drip: The energy drip is perfect for those who need a little extra boost – with the Stram Center’s customized formulation of vitamins and minerals the energy drip gives you the lift you need to put your best self forward. An energy IV is a great way to boost your energy and metabolism. The energy IV includes B vitamins, taurine, selenium, and zinc. B vitamins help your cells burn fat and sugar to create more energy.Taurine is a conditional amino acid that can improve glucose metablolism by increasing insulin sensitivity. Taurine also helps promote muscle contractility and helps to remove lactic acid from muscles, both of which can improve exercise tolerance and stamina. Selenium helps improve thyroid function which can help increase your overall metabolism. Zinc assists insulin in moving sugar from the blood into the cells to be utilized for energy production.

·Immune Booster: The immune booster drip is best for those who may need a little extra support around flu or allergy season. You may benefit from the immune booster’s powerful ingredients that are meant to help your body function at its highest level. The Immune IV is designed to boost your immune system to assist in fighting viral and bacterial infections. It contains a high dose of vitamin C that goes directly into your system which prevents against gastrointestinal disturbances that often occurs with higher doses of oral vitamin C. Zinc is also included which is known to have both immune stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties.

·Detoxifier: If you have been exposed to toxins in your life, or have not been eating or drinking properly, you likely have a toxic burden in your system. What we put in our bodies is of utmost importance, and if there are toxins in the foods you are eating, in the air around you, or if you are exposed in your career, it is key to be sure your body is removing these toxins properly. The Detox IV is designed to assist the liver in normal detoxification processes that include methylation and sulfonation. MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane is both a methyl group donor and a sulfur donor. Methyl groups are important especially in estrogen metabolism. Methyl groups can also help decrease inflammation in the joints. Sulfonation has many roles including detoxification reactions of drugs and xenobiotics, metabolisation of hormones, and acting as a sulfur donor for chondroitin. Methionine is an amino acid that is a direct precursor to SAM-e. SAM-e is the body’s most significant methyl donor and assists in processes that aid in neurotransmitter production, cellular repair, and inflammation.

·Speedy Detox: If you are on the go, this drip only takes 20-30 minutes’ time. The active ingredient in the Speedy Detox is glutathione, and it aids the body in riding itself of those nasty toxins that make us feel less than our best.

·Energy Shot: The energy shot is a natural way to help boost your vitality or activity level and allow for overall improved body function. With B-12 as it’s primary ingredient, the energy shot can aid in achieving this goal.

·Heart Health Shot: If you are looking to improve your heart health, and be diligent in prevention, try our Heart Heath Shot, which is rich in CoQ10, an agent that your body uses to produce and maintain cell growth, and helps protect the body from harmful molecules.

The Stram Center Medical Staff does not claim that any or all of the therapies suggested will stimulate, maintain, regulate or promote structure of the body or restore normal or correct abnormal function. If you require additional medical attention for a particular condition, we may recommend that you further consult with your Primary Care Physician or schedule a medical visit with one of our Stram Center practitioners.

To schedule an IV Wellness Appointment, please call our office for more information: 518-689-2244