There are very few health topics and labels that are as emotionally charged, intensely personal and challenging as infertility. Strict medication and assisted reproductive technique schedules alone can be very stressful. When added on to the expectations and possible fears of living with fertility challenges, they can prove overwhelming.

Acupuncture is an effective and valuable tool in boosting fertility rates. Since acupuncture is inherently holistic, it also excels at relieving stressful emotional patterns, fatigue, and overall health challenges that can accompany issues of fertility.

The health and success of pregnancy is largely affected by the mother's and father's state of health and well being, both before and after conception.

Our first priority is to serve as a supportive, nourishing, and effective resource for all of our clients' needs. This usually begins with a regimen of acupuncture and herbs designed to strengthen and balance the overall health picture, with a particular emphasis on the functioning of the reproductive system.

These strategies work along with the woman's menstrual cycle to maximize the body's natural reproductive capacity.

In Chinese Medicine, Strategies to Improve Fertility Include:

  • Regulating the menstrual (hormonal) cycle
  • Eliminating or reducing obstructions to proper circulation and implantation
  • Resolving premenstrual syndrome patterns
  • Improving egg/sperm quality
  • Relieving stress, anxiety, depression
  • Mitigating chances of miscarriage
  • Augmenting ART procedure outcomes

Chinese herbs and acupuncture are the most commonly used therapies for infertility. Nutritional recommendations are also encouraged through a visit with Dr. Ronald Stram, M.D or Dr. Heidi Puc, or Dr. Korey DiRoma, but not required.

Our Experienced Acupuncturists

Our Delmar office acupuncturists, Rebecca Rice, L.Ac., MSAOM and Liza Pollock, L. Ac, M.Ac.O.M, treat infertility using Chinese medicine alone or in conjunction with assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF or IUI.


General guidelines for duration and frequency of treatments:

Chinese Medicine Alone

  • Weekly treatments for at least 3-6 months

Acupuncture In Conjunction With IUI

  • Weekly treatments at least 3 months before IUI

Acupuncture In Conjunction With IUI

  • Weekly treatments at least 3 months before the month of IVF cycle
  • Two treatments per week before and after retrieval and transfer process

Success Rates

The determining factors of Chinese medicine's efficacy are similar to those of allopathic medicine. Those with tubal factors, uterine scarring and cysts may be treated with Chinese medicine and are encouraged to be examined with western diagnostic methods of exploring the reproductive system.

A 2001 study reported a 16% increase in pregnancy rates for women receiving acupuncture during their IVF cycle.

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