If you are considering becoming a new patient, you will speak with our New Patient Navigator who will have a conversation with you to determine which of our services and practitioners are the best fit for you. Our goal is to help you form a successful partnership with your practitioner so that your health goals will be achieved. We will take the time to talk with you and help guide you to the right choice for your needs.

Our aim is to investigate the root cause of your symptoms and understand the road blocks you may have experienced to reaching your optimal wellness.


During your first integrative medicine consultation, we’ll talk with you at length, as much as two hours, about your health history and concerns, and the health goals you hope to achieve. You will benefit from the skill and knowledge of our entire team. Dr. Stram, with over 30 years experience as a medical doctor, will always be available to assess your history, diagnoses and testing and be part of the treatment plans developed just for you, even if you are not meeting with him personally. No matter who you see, Dr. Stram will have oversight in your care.  Our regular scheduled practitioner meetings allow your medical case to be reviewed by the entire team, along with Dr. Stram's guidance and expertise. This is Integrative Medicine at its best.

A Treatment Plan will be developed that addresses your individual needs at your first visit. This may involve a mixture of medical and complementary treatments.

You can anticipate the following during your initial appointment:

  • A review of the information you provided us with prior to your visit.
  • A comprehensive review of your medical history, including family, environmental, social and medical.
  • A detailed description and analysis of your present chief concerns.
  • A complete evaluation from your practitioner regarding and relating your past history to your present concerns.
  • A variety of diagnostic testing if recommended by your practitioner team.
  • A complete treatment plan to be executed over a specified timeline, created individually for you from your practitioner, complete with recommendations for follow up visit schedule.

Along with being an integrative medical practice, we also pride ourselves on being an investigative medical practice. The goal of the Stram Center model of care is to treat each patient at the cellular level. The personalized Treatment Plan you leave with is our recommended approach to best meet YOUR body’s needs.

New Patient Scheduling Policies:

Prior to your new patient appointment, you will be asked to make a payment towards a scheduling fee and electronic medical records generation/maintenance, at the time you schedule your first medical appointment. This fee is not refundable once you have made the appointment. We will deduct this payment from the cost of your initial appointment. If you cancel your new patient appointment without rescheduling, you will be forfeiting the scheduling fee.

Please also know that we understand when other urgent personal matters interfere with keeping a scheduled appointment. We do require 3 business days prior to the date of your scheduled appointment to reschedule; missed appointment fees may apply when appointments are cancelled/changed in less than the requested time. We want to be of service to all our patients, and respectfully require that this time frame for changing appointments is adhered to so that we can refer to a healthy waiting list for those who are trying to be seen earlier. We appreciate your understanding.

Other Important Information:

Please review our practice policies for more information including insurance, hours of operation, payment information and more.

To make an appointment, call our Delmar, NY office, 518-689-2244; option 1, then 2.

New patients can also fill in the form below and a New Patient advocate from one of our offices will contact you within 2 days.

Please note: to make an appointment, call the Center: (518) 689-2244