The Stram Center for Integrative Medicine utilizes the most advanced and comprehensive testing available to assess root cause of illness for our established patients. Aside from conventional medical testing, such as Complete Blood Counts, Metabolic Panels, Thyroid testing, A1C, or Lipid Panels, we offer more expansive conventional testing like MTHFR gene, Inflammatory markers, Celiac Disease, breath tests for small intestinal bowel bacteria overgrowth and advanced cancer testing along with various test kits.

Non-conventional tests we offer:

Comprehensive Stool Analysis:

A healthy gut is the starting point for all illness evaluation. Through measuring your volume of gut bacteria and markers for malabsorption and inflammation, our practitioners are able to evaluate the state of your gastrointestinal, hormonal, and immune functioning. This is essential information for those patients suffering with inflammatory issues, IBS, diabetes, autoimmune issues, weight problems and cardiovascular disease. In addition, many neurotransmitters begin their manufacturing through the gut and require a healthy gut flora to do so. Therefore, many mood disorders can be treated starting with a healthy gut.

Nutritional Deficiency Testing:

Ensuring you are meeting your body's nutrient needs is paramount to optimal wellness. Deficiencies of essential nutrients can be the root cause of various illnesses, such as: mood disorders, diabetes, chronic fatigue, autoimmune dysfunction and more. Proper testing helps our practitioners to formulate the appropriate treatment plan to address the root cause of your symptoms.

Lyme Disease Testing:

Currently, available Lyme Disease testing is an indirect measure of your body's immune response to Lyme disease and co-infection exposure. Today's testing can result in false negatives as much or greater than 50% of the time and less frequently but as confusing, false positives. Our practice utilizes the best in Lyme testing through IGeneX and Galaxy Laboratories, Accutix, and MDL along with other conventional testing to piece the puzzle of Lyme diagnosis together. Through the use of current Lyme testing, clinical symptoms, and other supporting clinical assessment, our practitioners are able to confidently diagnose Lyme disease, which is known as the "great imitator" of other chronic illnesses.

Hormone Testing:

Throughout the many stages of life, our hormone levels change, leaving us, at times with imbalanced levels. This is something that both men and women, at different times may struggle with. Through the use of testing, our practitioners can ensure that you have the proper balance of hormone levels in the body, allowing for the best recommendations in supplementation, lifestyle changes and in some cases, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Heavy Metal Testing:

Our bodies are continually processing the removal of foreign substances which invade us through living in a polluted world. This includes chemicals and organisms that are found in our air, water, food and homes. Our bodies have the resilient ability to process these environmental substances, but sometimes we need additional support for these processes. Heavy Metal testing can help to reveal if you have elevated levels of toxins, which may effect reproductive function, energy, risk of cancer, cognitive and immune functions and more.

Progressive Cardiometabolic Testing:

While traditional cholesterol testing is a good measure of metabolic health, it is not the best indicator for an individual's true risk for heart disease. Through the use of advanced testing, our practitioners can accurately evaluate and address a patient's true risk factor and suggest necessary lifestyle and/or supplement recommendations, or other interventions.

Coagulation Studies:

For patients with blood disorders or for our patients who are receiving long term intravenous therapies, who may require a PICC line, we ensure that you are a safe candidate. Coagulation studies will give our practitioners an assessment of your body's blood clotting abilities and blood flow rates.