Our Approach


You Talk, We Listen

We practice a team consulting approach to your care with the best of all therapies available, an integrated approach to healthcare not found at any other medical facility. Our practitioners spend time getting to know you so we can provide the best possible care. During your first integrative medicine consultation, we’ll talk with you at length about your health history and concerns, and the health goals you hope to achieve.

Our aim is to investigate the root cause of your symptoms and the road blocks you have experienced to reaching your optimal wellness.

Together, we’ll create a custom plan to address your specific current and future health needs and goals. Your treatment plan might include nutritional supplement therapies, diagnostic testing, recommendations for lifestyle changes, and/or referrals for complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbal medicine, energy healing or nutritional counseling.

You may also choose to see one of our complementary therapists for your first visit to the Center. For example, some patients know they want to start out with acupuncture for knee pain, because of its well know effectiveness.

You can visit a doctor, an individual practitioner, or both- it’s your choice. Our team of practitioners consult with each other so that you benefit from the skill and knowledge of our entire staff. This is integrative Medicine at its best. If you’re ready to take charge of your health, please call the Center at 518-689-2244, ext 1, then 2 for the new patient line; or email us.

Learn more about how our integrative medicine approach works.

Making Your First Appointment: We’re Here To Help

Our new patient navigator will gladly listen to your individual needs and help direct you to the appropriate Center practitioner that best match both your health concerns and personal style. Our goal is to help you form a successful partnership with your practitioner so that your health goals will be achieved. We will take time to talk to you and help you make the right choice. Our practitioners as well, will answer any specific questions you may have to help you make your decision.

Take charge of your health and call our office today. Click here or calll (518) 689-2244 and follow prompts for the new patient line: 1, then 2.