New! IV Therapies for Wellness and Prevention


Introducing our new program for intravenous therapy for wellness and prevention. increased energy, immunity, detoxification and more. Read here for more details:

NEW! STRIVE: Weight Loss and Wellness Program at Stram Center

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Learn more about STRIVE, Stram Center's new wellness program headed by Emmy Katz, PA-C and Guido Iovinella, AADP!

STRIVE is a personalized wellness program that takes you into account first. Our team focuses on how to make wellness work in your individual lifestyle. From proper and realistic goal setting, to walking alongside you every step of the way – the support you receive from your health coach, fitness instructor and medical professionals ensures that you will be your most successful self.

It starts with saying "YES!"

Learn the details here.

Stram Center is Still On the Road!


The Stram Center team is still on the road on a lecture circuit for National Grid, warning its high risk fieldworkers of the dangers of Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses, how to prevent exposure, and know the signs of illness for seeking proper diagnosis and treatment.

Clinical Trials for Lyme Study Information

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Thank you to all who volunteered to donate their blood to advance the LYMESEQ test for diagnosis of Lyme Disease in the first and second clinical trials held at the Stram Center
The study is looking for participants who are healthy but aren't feeling well, don't know why but suspect a tick borne infection; or participants who have been diagnosed with tick borne illness and have been previously treated. You must be 18 years of age or older to donate.

For more information on future trials, go to Focus on Lyme's website: