Welcoming our new Stram Center team members

Welcome aboard

Dr. Stram and his staff are very excited to welcome our newest generation of providers who will work alongside Dr. Stram and be part of a highly developed collaborative approach in the integrative model of care for our patients. Meet Meaghan Sanderson, FNP and Satish Mohan, ND, who bring their own skills and knowledge to the team.

New Electronic Health Record Coming soon!

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Starting in July the Stram Center will be using a new Electronic Health Record (EHR): CERBO by MDHQ. If you are a new patient scheduled in July and after, you will be receiving an invitation to the new portal. If you are an existing, active patient,  please call us so we can verify your information  to get you ON BOARD our new portal.

Our new system will give you better access to your records and will allow you to send a secure messages to your provider. Please note: starting June 30 we will no longer be using email to communicate with your providers.  More details to follow in an upcoming special newsletter. If you haven't signed up to receive our newsletter please do so here.

New! IV Therapies for Wellness and Prevention


Introducing our new program for intravenous therapy for wellness and prevention. increased energy, immunity, detoxification and more. Read here for more details:

NEW! STRIVE: Weight Loss and Wellness Program at Stram Center

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Learn more about STRIVE, Stram Center's new wellness program headed by Holly Niles, MS, CNS, LDN and Guido Iovinella, AADP

STRIVE is a personalized wellness program that takes you into account first. Our team focuses on how to make wellness work in your individual lifestyle. From proper and realistic goal setting, to walking alongside you every step of the way – the support you receive from your health coach, fitness instructor and medical professionals ensures that you will be your most successful self.

It starts with saying "YES!"

Learn the details here.