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Weight Loss and Lifestyle Transformation Program

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The Stram Center Weight Loss and Lifestyle Transformation Program is a 3 month medically supervised, personalized program. You will work with a team of medical professionals, including a naturopathic doctor or holistic nurse practitioner, a personal health and fitness coach as well as a nutritionist and culinary chef. Our Lifestyle Transformation program is designed to get you healthier, stronger and leaner while incorporating a personalized nutrition and training program that will last a lifetime.

Sifting Fact from Fiction

Losing weight is not only about dedication.The most important factor to a successful weight loss program is education. There is so much information out there- different diet plans including many fad diets and exercise regiments, that it can become extremely challenging to sift through what is fact and what is fiction. Many programs work only temporarily: once the program is stopped, the weight often comes back. Maintaining healthy weight loss is about making lifestyle changes that come with learning how your body and your metabolism work, and how your nutrition and activity level affect your metabolism. Read more on our Blog on the Weight Loss Puzzle

Medical Supervision Component:

True lifestyle transformation first needs to be understood before accomplished. Understanding how your body operates is essential to that goal. In our program, specific blood metabolic profiles will be ordered for you throughout the program in order to assess your specific "bioprofile". This will have a great impact on the development of your individualized program and to mark your progress. For instance, you will learn about your specific hormone levels and how foods affect the specific hormones that cause weight gain. In addition to metabolic labs, food allergy/sensitivity testing may be recommended and available.

You and your medical team of naturopathic doctors or nurse practitioners will develop specific health goals and the path to accomplishment will be laid out through this collaboration of your support team.

Personal Health and Fitness Coach Component:

The core of any lifestyle transformation program includes strength training. While weight loss is perceived as the major goal, it is important to emphasize the true improvement parameters of body fat and hip to waist ratio. Your personal health coach and fitness trainer will work one-on-one with you weekly throughout the 12 week program to help you stay motivated and grow stronger and leaner. Guido Iovinella will work with you on endless exercise routines, teach you the safety and art of working out with a minimum time commitment. Guido will get to know just what you need to get your body into proper form, working with all ages and fitness levels. He will track your improvements in body fat and waist to hip ratio over the course of your transformation program.

Nutrition and Culinary Component:

Learn nutrition and the art of cooking one-on-one from the best: one of our medical nutritionists who will be your personal guide throughout the program as you work side by side in the Stram Center's modern teaching kitchen. They will develop detailed and specific diet plans for you based on your individual bioprofile. Together you will learn nutrition techniques such as supplement recommendations that may increase metabolism and fat burning potential, the ins and outs of macro-nutrient profiling of individual meal plans and explore kitchen tricks-of-the-trade that will make you feel like a chef yourself as you cook together in the Stram kitchen. Your specific dietary needs will be transformed into a personalized world of delicious foods that will help make lifestyle transformation maintenance achievable.

Mind Body Component:

A meeting with Marie McMahon, our emotion code specialist, will help you tap into the mind-body connection between you and your relationship with food. This is a key component to any lifestyle program as we learn to take charge of our diet and our bodies. During your session with your mind-body specialist, you will explore the inner-workings of both your mind and body, as it relates to achieving a healthier lifestyle through craniosacral therapy and emotion code techniques.This includes your relationship with food as an extension to other areas of your personal life. Lifestyle changes and building new relationships with self-nourishment can lead the way to optimal health and well-being.

Transformation Team Finale:

The conclusion of the program will bring together your entire transformation team to discuss your progress and identify future goals and lifestyle maintenance. Your personal binder that was given to you at the start will be filled with your bioprofile labs, progress charts, recipes, workouts and notes from your entire 3 month program for review in this integrated final meeting.

Fee for 12 week Weight Loss and Lifestyle Transformation Program:

$1925.00: for a total of 22 appointments with your support team.

Supplements, food allergy testing are optional and additional charges. Metabolic labs may be covered by insurance. Please check with your coverage.
Please note: fee for program must be prepaid and all meetings must be scheduled at the time of registration. Please have your calendar and commitment ready at the time of registration.

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