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Qing hao (Artemisia): Herbs that Fight Infection Caused by External Pathogens

Rebeccca Rice, L.Ac., MSAO\ Sunday, May 10, 2015

Using "clear heat" herbs to reduce fever and fight infection.

There are many herbs used to fight infection caused by external pathogens. Qing hao or ‘artemisia’ is one such herb. According to Chinese herbal medicine, one of the properties of qing hao is to ‘clear heat’. This category includes herbs that will reduce fever and infection such as one transmitted by a vector like mosquitos or ticks. In fact, the anti-Malaria drug ‘Artimisinin’ is a derivative of this powerful herb. Artemisia is also the basis for a pharmaceutical used to treat cancer and also one for asthma.

Qing hao is used in herbal formulas such as ‘HerbalGuard’ to reduce symptoms associated with Lyme and other tick-born diseases. In combination with other clear heat herbs, artemisia is also used to treat chronic low grade fevers, one of the symptoms of tic born illnesses.