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Generosity Sheds a Light on Your Health

Sierra Garrett FNP-BC Thursday, December 13, 2018

Research shows when it comes to our health, giving is truly better than receiving.

As we enter into the holiday season there is pressure to give, and there may be some important factors as to why this is particularly important for your own health. Giving can feel very rewarding, and the research is now backing the belief that to give is truly better than to receive. There is something researchers like to call “warm glow” as discussed by Sandoiu, (2018) that is obtained after helping others. Sandoiu (2018) discussed that there are two different forms of giving, planned and unplanned. Each version impacts the brain differently, but both positively impact the area of the brain called Amygdala. This is the area of the brain that plays a role in our perception of fear and other emotions such as anxiety. Generosity impacts this area by decreasing the fight or flight response which is associated to higher stress. This was directly observed on MRI imaging of patients after performing generous acts.

I believe this information is extremely valuable as it supports the benefit of being loving, kind, and self- sacrificing versus the pressure in society to do otherwise. I love the idea of scheming to help others! Let’s challenge each other this holiday season and beyond to perform intentional and unintentional generosity to those around us.

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