A key component to Lyme disease is the support of the body through the process of cleansing and detoxification while undergoing treatment.

It is important for our bodies to be effective in the process of removing foreign substances which invade us through living in a polluted world during treatment. This includes chemicals, organisms that are found in our air, water, food and homes, and bacteria die off from antibiotic therapy.Our bodies already have a resilient ability to process these environmental substances, but sometimes we need additional support for these processes. In many cases, patients may have an inhibited ability to naturally detoxify, which therefore decreases the efficacy of their treatment.

The Stram Center offers comprehensive cleansing and detoxification programs that can aid in the performance of your treatment plan. These programs include a combination of dietary regiments, along with herbal and nutritional supplementation which supports the body’s natural "detox" processes, homeopathic and naturopathic solutions, and several types of IV therapy treatments.

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If you are a new patient and would like to inquire about how our treatment would benefit your personal journey with Lyme disease, or someone you know, please feel free to call and speak with one of our new patient advocates at the Stram Center at 518-689-2244, or click here to send a message!