Naturopathic physicians possess a special role in the realization of optimal wellness. The foundation of naturopathic medicine is to guide patients towards positive lifestyle changes and effective preventative measures to gain the most out of their health. Naturopaths’ training focuses on the natural approach to one’s health, which allows for the consideration of wellness in every aspect of life.

Your initial visit with your naturopath is 90 minutes long, during which time an in depth review of your symptoms and history will occur. The extensive history reviewed includes all facets of the patient’s beliefs, symptoms and lifestyle, which form the groundwork for developing an effective comprehensive treatment plan that will enhance your therapy regimen.

Lifestyle change and prevention take root in the naturopathic approach through utilization of the body’s own natural healing modalities. Our naturopathic physicians encourage the use and refinement of one’s innate ability to achieve health and balance through the use of natural herbs, enzymes, homeopathic remedies, healthy lifestyle habits, and proper nutrition.

Your health is your own, and it is a uniquely individualized reflection of your chosen lifestyle – it is of utmost importance to have the guidance you deserve to protect, preserve and perfect your health. It is our hope and intent at the Stram Center to offer such guidance and direction.

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