WHAT TO EXPECT: Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle yet effective hands on therapy. In many patients, a restriction or disruption can occur in the natural flow of the cerebral spinal fluid leaving after effects that can range from headaches to chronic pain and other chronic conditions. A trained practitioner in the technique and art of craniosacral therapy, can detect these areas of restrictions or disruptions and can help release the fluid in order to restore balance, eliminating or minimizing symptoms of chronic illness. Craniosacral therapy enhances immune system function promoting healing and increased treatment responses.

The therapy consists of light touch (the weight of a nickel) and gentle manipulation on areas of the head, neck and throughout the body. During your session, you can expect to feel relaxed, sleepy or even energized. This treatment is becoming increasingly more sought after to help in the management of pain due to its non-invasive nature and long lasting effects.

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WHAT TO EXPECT: Medical Massage

For centuries, massage therapy has assisted patients in recovery from chronic illness or injury. Medical Massage is a specialized branch of massage therapy identifying the massage therapist as having more medical training and focuses the sessions more specifically. Medical massage therapists utilize a combination of manual medicine techniques, including craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, reiki and myofascial to optimize the effectiveness of this mode of treatment.

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