The Stram Center’s IV protocols involve a complete analysis of our patients in every aspect of their health prior to prescribing. A consultation with one of our medical providers will be required as well as specific lab testing as recommended by your practitioner prior to receiving IV treatment at the Stram Center.

Your customized therapy regimen may contain one or more of the following IV therapies:

  • IV Antibiotics: In order to treat Lyme disease effectively, in some cases, intravenous antibiotic therapy is required. This option may be explored by your practitioner for a variety of reasons including, unsuccessful oral antibiotic protocol, gastrointestinal intolerance to oral antibiotics, and/or presentation of extreme/severe symptoms. Your IV antibiotic regimen will be tailored to fit your clinical presentation and diagnosis of Lyme and other tick born diseases.
  • IV Myers (“Stram Myers”): The “Stram Myers” is a specific scientific combination of a variety of nutrients that help the body prepare and repair. The Stram Myers aids in the body’s preparation for any type of antibiotic treatment or cleanse, in that it allows the body to absorb the key nutrients that are needed in order to positively affect treatment. In terms of repair, the Stram Myers replenishes the body of any nutrients expelled during treatment, and aids in the healing process.
  • IV Artemesia: IV Artemesia is part of our Lyme disease protocol in the treatment of the co-infection, Babesia, which expresses similar symtoms as malaria. Artesunate is a form of artemesinin that can be given intravenously. Although oral artemisinin is absorbed relatively well through the intestines, peak plasma concentrations of IV artesunate are 4-5x higher while using less than half the dose of oral artemisinin. These higher concentrations that are attainable through IV administration are likely more beneficial at creating a free radical burst. In clinical trials for the treatment of malaria, IV artesunate has been shown to be safe with a low toxicity profile. Artemesia therapies are contraindicated in pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, and is not recommended with lactation.
  • Glutathione: Glutathione is considered the body's master antioxidant and detoxifier. When given intravenously, glutathione is an extremely effective detoxifyer and aid for cell repair, which is valuable in the treatment of Lyme disease. It is considered a safe treatment, as there are no known side effects or interactions with other drugs. In fact, IV glutathione is often used in conjunction with and often enhances other treatments. IV administration significantly increases glutathione concentration in the body, quickly and effectively delivering it to target tissues. It is a key supportive unit in the treatment of Lyme disease and chronic illness in general.

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If you are a new patient and would like to schedule a medical consultation to see if IV therapy is right for your, please feel free to call and speak with one of our new patient advocates at the Stram Center at 518-689-2244, or click here to send a message!