The Stram Center’s integrative protocols involve a complete analysis of our patients in every aspect of their health. Your customized treatment plan based on this analysis will include the following:

  • Utilization of food as medicine: Assessing the need for dietary changes is an essential component to addressing all chronic illnesses, especially Lyme disease. Your individualized plan may include - Gluten Free Diet, Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Paleo Diet, Dairy Free, or other combinations based on your metabolic profile.
  • Assessing nutritional intake and gut health: The Stram Center Gut Protocol is a specific, healing strategy to bring your gut back to optimal health in order to prepare you for treatment, reduce side effects from antibiotic treatment, minimize toxic exposure and improve your immune health.
  • Judicious and safe use of antibiotics when appropriate: In the treatment of Lyme and other tick borne diseases, antibiotic therapy may be indicated depending on your specific diagnosis and severity of illness. Our practitioners utilize both oral and IV antibiotics when specified.
  • Nutritional and herbal supplements when appropriate: It is important to support the whole body during your treatment and supplements play a large role in optimizing your immune response. A specific supplement regimen will be recommended based on your biological terrain and your body’s individual needs. Our supplements are of the highest quality and have been carefully selected by our medical staff for their efficacy and safety.
  • Manual therapies such as acupuncture and craniosacral to augment treatment: Advancing the efficacy and decreasing the length of treatment are two of our goals in our treatment protocols. Acupuncture effects the dilation and constriction of blood vessels. This effect on blood flow is thought to play a part in the healing and repairing of damaged tissue, as well as maintaining healthy body tissue. In addition, craniosacral therapy stimulates your immune system so that your own body can heal faster. These complementary therapies help to achieve treatment goals and assist in supporting you throughout your regimen.