The Stram Center’s state of the art far infrared sauna provides detoxification support to patients during their treatment regimen. Utilizing a far infrared sauna is recommended because this type of sauna helps to mobilize and eliminate toxins and chemicals from your system in a thorough, but gentle way.


The heat of far infrared sauna penetrates the exterior layer of the body in order to effect the targeted internal organ systems directly, without causing undue heat stress to the body; The actual heat benefit is directed to your inner core rather than felt by your skin. On the other hand, higher temperature saunas such as those found in health clubs can often stress the body, which actually limits the detoxification process.

The sauna promotes lipolysis which is the breakdown of fat tissue. Toxins, which are stored in fat tissues, are released into the blood stream and can then be eliminated from the body through normal routes of elimination such as the skin, urinary and digestive systems. Theses saunas also increase heart rates and circulation - it’s like working out without exerting your muscles.

Far Infrared Sauna is a treatment option for active patients undergoing a recommended treatment regimen.