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​Naturopathic HealthCare, Bennington Vt and Delmar, NY; Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by medicine. Whether it was playing with the skeleton or a reflex hammer in my father’s office, getting that toy doctor bag as a Christmas present or dressing up as a doctor for Halloween, I knew I was destined to become a doctor!

My father has been a great inspiration. I grew up always being around medicine and listening to his stories. As I grew older, I became aware of his struggles of wanting to help and cure his patients, but being limited by time constraints and the standard of care. I could feel his frustrations, and eventually this would cause an internal conflict of my own that would lead me on my current journey.

I had the good fortune of living on the island of Okinawa in Japan for six years, where I became influenced by the local population’s unique quality of life, one that placed high value on spirituality, exercise, and nutrition. This environment enabled me to witness a lifestyle that allowed many to live well into their nineties in relatively good health. No doubt, this experience had a great impact on me.

I attended the University of Arizona where I continued to explore the possibilities of going into medicine, while studying molecular and cellular biology. After graduating, I worked in the behavioral health field for a non profit organization. As a case manager, I worked with people who were severely mentally ill, victims of abuse, and drug abusers. What touched me the most was the amount of suffering that my clients had endured throughout their lives, yet they continued to try to better themselves. At the end of the day, I noticed that what mattered most were those moments when I was just listening and being present. I could see that they were just people trying to live their lives and deserved the opportunity to create a healthy fulfilling existence. I wanted to be the person to help them achieve it.

When I found out about naturopathic medicine, I was instantly awed by the possibilities this type of medicine offered patients. Naturopathic medicine integrates Western medicine with botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, and hydrotherapy, so that each treatment plan can be tailored to the individual. This was a discipline that would allow me the freedom to provide health care guided by philosophies in which I deeply believe.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I believe that medicine is about healing the whole person and going into the core of the individual to recognize the root cause of their disease. Medicine is about creating or starting a healing process. I believe that there is a vital inner force, and in disease it can be suppressed, not allowing one to function optimally. Naturopathic Medicine is about stimulating that vital force and allowing it to thrive.

As a Naturopathic Doctor at the Stram Center for Integrative Medicine, I am committed to facilitating this healing process for my patients to achieve optimal health and well being.

  • Licensed Naturopathic Physician, State of Vermont (New York does not currently license naturopathic physicians, a licensing program is under development)
  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, Arizona
  • B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona
  • Member of the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Vermont Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • ILADS trained in Lyme disease

  • Naturopathic Health Care, Bennington Vermont office
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, Bennington Vermont office
  • Cleanse/Detox Programs
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Herbal Botanical Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Gastro intestinal disorders
  • Cancer and other chronic illness
  • Lyme disease


Membership: ILADS: International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society