Homeopathy is a system of therapeutic healing that views the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of human health as intrinsically and inseparably linked together. Illness is seen as an expression of the imbalance of the whole, therefore the whole must be taken into account to find the proper treatment.

For those patients who may not be successful or tolerant of antibiotic therapy in the treatment of Lyme and other tick borne diseases, homeopathy may prove to be an excellent option. Homeopathic medicines, commonly referred to as “remedies,” are precisely made in homeopathic pharmacies. The job of the homeopath is to find the remedy that most closely matches your individual composition along with your symptoms to be treated. Constitutional treatment strengthens the individual’s underlying health, promoting a strength in response to Lyme disease treatment.

Our homeopathic practitioners consult with complementary practitioners and medical doctors about your treatment plan and the progress you are making. We take great pride in our staff's special team consulting approach to the care of our patients, giving you the best treatment options for Lyme disease possible.

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If you are a new patient and would like to inquire about how our treatment would benefit your personal journey with Lyme disease, or someone you know, please feel free to call and speak with one of our new patient advocates at the Stram Center at 518-689-2244, or click here to send a message!