Imagine a healthcare provider who really knows you—your family relationships; what makes you happy; what makes you sad; what your hopes are for a healthy and fulfilling life. Imagine as well, leaving your appointment with more insight and knowledge on how to best optimize your long-term health using natural approaches that are safe and effective and recommendations for important lifestyle changes.

Naturopathic Medical Care in Bennington, VT - An Integrative Approach

Integrative naturopathic medical care seeks to bridge the worlds of mainstream and complementary medicine. No healing modality works for every person or every ailment; therefore we work with people to discover the therapies that work best for them. We believe in patient-focused, individualized care, regardless of age. Our goal is to understand you as an individual first, what your strengths, challenges and resources are, and to partner with you to design an effective treatment plan that will work for you.

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Our Practice Philosophy

Our practice philosophy can be summed up in these words: holistic, natural and collaborative.

Holistic: Human beings are a mystical union of body, mind and spirit, inextricably linked. When there is a mis-attunement in any of these areas, it is expressed as illness – whether physical, emotional or mental, mild to severe. We believe that the best path to health addresses all these levels. Lifestyle factors including diet, exercise and sleep, as well as emotional issues such as stress, job and relationship satisfaction all contribute to one’s holistic well-being. We encourage clients to explore these areas to see what we can learn about personal obstacles and viable paths to health.

Natural: What is closer to nature is better for health in most areas of one’s life. We feel better when we have access to plenty of natural light, fresh air and wholesome foods, and when it comes to medical care the same can be found. Healing modalities that employ herbal, homeopathic and other natural substances, and non-invasive treatments such as massage and acupuncture, frequently provide a gentler and safer return to health. Pharmaceuticals have an appropriate and effective place in medical care but wherever possible, we look to restore health through more natural and permanent means.

Integrative medicine is about individualized care. It is the integration of complementary natural therapies with the more traditional medical approach. Individualized care puts the client in an active role as co-creator of their treatment plan. Your personal preferences, abilities and resources will inform the plan as much as the medical advice given. Collaboration also happens on a macro level among providers at the Stram Center. We are fortunate to have a talented multidisciplinary team. Several providers thinking together is a powerful and efficient way to find solutions to challenging health problems.

What to Expect During your Visit

Our practice is about wholeness. It is through active listening and supportive dialogue with each other that we explore all avenues of your life. Whether it is relief of symptoms, support in the restoration of physical and emotional balance, or mainstream approaches to health care, we will travel the path as your partner. We spend time getting to know you as a person and together we look deeply into what symptoms are occurring and the best way to treat them. We recognize that we are all unique individuals and our ways of healing are just as individualistic. You will come into our office and have your healthcare needs met with a broader view of what it means to be human and be offered different approaches to addressing your health needs. Our commitment is to see each person as a unique being expressing in their unique way, and if stress or illness is present, to see how we can work with you in order to achieve your desired health goals.

Not Your Typical Health Care Office Setting

In a conventional healthcare office setting, often, pharmaceuticals are prescribed to provide symptom management without consideration of other treatments that could possibly address the root cause and strengthen our own inner abilities to heal. In our integrative approach, we realize that sometimes pharmaceuticals are needed, but consider it as a temporary measure whenever appropriate. We treat illness with a variety of methods, depending on the patient and their individual needs. Exercise, nutrition, lifestyle management, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, lymphatic drainage, yoga and meditation are some of the modalities that we may recommend to cultivate harmony within the body and thereby health.

Our Special Team Approach To Your Health Care

At the Center, your healthcare provider has the opportunity to consult with complementary practitioners and medical doctors about your health concerns and the progress you are making. These practitioners are always available to you as well. We take great pride in our staff's special team consulting approach to the care of our patients, giving you the best that Integrative Medicine has to offer.

Scope of Naturopathic Medical Care Services at the Center:

  • Prevention: including nutrition, exercise, stress management, lifestyle counseling
  • Full physical exam
  • Disease and diagnostic assessment
  • Treatment: including prudent pharmaceutical intervention, safe and effective natural botanical medicine; IV therapies; homeopathy; nutritional therapies, biotherapeutic drainage, detox protocols
  • LGBT healthcare
  • Appropriate referrals for specialized care
  • Conditions treated include: gastrointestinal, genitourinary; respiratory; cardiac; endocrine; autoimmune; women's health including gynecological exam; men’s health; teen health; sexually transmitted diseases (STD's); contraceptive management; substance abuse.

Our Naturopathic Health Care Practitioners at the Center

Our naturopathic care provider includes: Korey DiRoma, N.D.

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