Desiring a healthier life may be your goal, but for you and millions others it can prove more challenging. You may feel that your immunity is low. You may be in a state of physiological, mental or emotional unrest. Or you may be faced with a more serious illness or chronic pain.

Chinese Herbal Therapy Can Assist You With Any of the Following:

  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Digestive problems including Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Eczema and psoriasis
  • Fatigue
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Infection prevention
  • Insomnia
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Liver disorders
  • Pain
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Stress

You'd be surprised by the number of ailments that can be alleviated when you take a holistic approach to your health.

Chinese herbal therapy offers a safe and effective holistic approach toward you as an individual and is often used to replace or supplement traditional pharmaceuticals.

Chinese Herbs Get to the Root of Your Problem

Herbs are designed to get at the root of your problem without encouraging dependency. And most importantly, there are very few side effects to most herbal therapies as opposed to troubling and sometimes dangerous side effects of some prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Herbs are not given to address symptoms alone the way most pharmaceuticals act. Instead, your practitioner assesses you as an entire individual at each level of being: qi (energy), jing (substance), and shen (spirit), based on Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics.

Based on this assessment, your practitioner creates a customized combination of multiple herbs to address your specific state of imbalance in your body. Your customized combination, known as a formula, is taken in granular, tincture, or pill form. Your practitioner may also recommend other specific dietary changes to further enhance your body's balance.

Our Licensed Chinese Herbalists

Rebecca Rice is a trained Chinese Herbal Therapy practitioner located right here at the Center. She is both a Licensed Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist extensively trained in the safe and effective use of Chinese Herbs.

Taking Chinese herbs on your own, or on the recommendation of someone not trained in Traditional Chinese Therapy is not advised. Chinese herbs are safe for you when prescribed by a trained Traditional Chinese practitioner.

Top 4 Benefits of Chinese Herbal Therapy

  • Herbs are custom made to get at the root of your imbalances as well as to provide symptom relief. This is done to specifically match you as the individual based on your current health picture, health history, spirit, and constitution. This means a 21 year old athlete with back pain originating about 1 month ago is given a very different set of herbs than a 64 year old woman with back pain, and a history of fatigue and diffuse muscle aches, even though both formulas will treat the back pain.
  • There are very few, and mostly mild side effects to herbal remedies. For example, the herbs we use for sinusitis will not disrupt the natural flora in the digestive tract in the way an antibiotic could, and herbs to reduce pain won't inhibit mental clarity and functioning. Likewise, herbs used to decrease inflammation won't inhibit the immune system the way steroids can.
  • The quality of our herbs versus herbs off the shelf:
    * We dispense your herbs at the specific dosage and at the correct time.
    * Our herbs are pure which means you won't consume heavy metals and pesticides.
    * We guarantee the contents of the herbs, which means the herbs contain a therapeutic dosage versus a dosage too low or too high or not actually any of the herb in the product at all.
  • Herbs work. And, they work in such a way that they promote the body's independent functioning, as opposed to building a dependency.

Chinese Herbs Can Address the Full Range of Human Illness

Chinese herbs can be used and have been developed to address the full range of human illness. They may be used alongside modern therapies including pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements.

At the appropriate dosage and with the appropriate exclusions, herbs may be taken safely by children, pregnant women, and mothers who are breast-feeding. Certain pharmaceuticals, health conditions, and impending surgery all warrant caution, and must be accurately reported to your provider of traditional herbs.

Our Special Team Approach to Your Health Care

At the Center, your Chinese Herbalist has the opportunity to consult with complementary practitioners and medical doctors about your health concerns and the progress you are making. These practitioners are always available to you as well.

We take great pride in our staff's special team consulting approach to the care of our patients, giving you the best that Integrative Medicine has to offer.

Make an Appointment With Our Chinese Herbalists

Now you don't have to travel to China to find a qualified licensed healer. If you are seeking an alternative and safe form of medical treatment, make an appointment with Rebecca Rice by calling The Center at 518.689.2244 or Contact Us by Email.