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Family Nurse Practitioner, Holistic Medical Care, Integrative Medicine, Acute and Chronic Illness, Health and Prevention Counseling, Lyme and Tick Borne Illnesses

My desire to care and nurture started at a very young age. As the eldest girl of seven children I was known as the “second mom”, and I enjoyed assisting my parents care for my younger siblings. My first interaction with a holistic approach to health and healing started at home with my parents.

They instilled in us as children the value of nutrition to assist the body to self-correct as well as used natural remedies as the first choice in almost every situation. In addition to the use of holistic methods I was also raised with a foundation in the lord Jesus Christ. This relationship guided me in many ways and taught me the importance of his role in every aspect of my life, including health.

My passion for healthcare and assisting others to maintain or achieve a better quality of life also started at a young age. I grew up with nurses as aunts who often promoted this career. I enjoyed assisting them with tending to wounds and giving medication reminders to their elderly neighbors. It was a great reward for me to observe the direct impact that care, love, and attentiveness could have on individuals in need. I realized quickly that nursing was not only my dream career, but my calling.

I pursued my nursing career as a Registered Nurse and started working out of school at a trauma center. I worked throughout the entire hospital in the float pool department in units such asEmergency Department, Renal, cardiac, and infectious disease. I learned a great deal and valued my experience there; but I recognized that there was a piece missing in our approach to the care of the whole individual in both acute and chronic situations. I eventually took a position at a local nursing home where I enjoyed bringing quality care to the aging population. I felt I was also able to make a great impact in many ways, but still found myself feeling that because of the “symptom treatment” model of healthcare, along with my limitations as the Registered Nurse, I was still very restricted.

During this time as a Registered Nurse one of my children was struggling with some health issues. Due to his plethora of health care needs we met with numerous specialists all that gave recommendations for more pharmaceutical medications, surgeries, and conventional approaches. As I continued to observe my son physically and mentally declining, I realized the conventional approach was not bringing any change. I immersed myself in the realm of integrative/functional medicine and took this approach to his healing. That is when I finally started to see actual progress.

I eventually decided to become a Family Nurse Practitioner to have a direct impact in patients’ lives on a more influential level. I am honored, humbled, and blessed to have this opportunity to care for clients with the integrative medicine model. This is the model of care I believe in!

  • Associates Degree in Nursing, Registered Nurse- Maria College
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing- Maria College
  • Masters of Science- Family Nurse Practitioner- SUNY Polytechnic Institute
  • CranioSacral Therapist, level One, Upledger Institute
  • ANCC- Board Certified
  • BLS certified

  • Integrative Medicine consultations
  • Clinical Nutrition and lifestyle assessment and management
  • Treating disease and diagnostic assessment of acute and chronic illness including autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disorders, hormone imbalance
  • Lyme disease and tick borne illnesses
  • Medical Marijuana 
  • Optimal health and prevention counseling


Member- Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

Member- ILADS: International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society