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Custom Exercise Sessions, Individualized Fitness Programs, Strong Lifts, Sport specific exercise programs

At a young age I was fascinated by what the human body was capable of. Despite being of small stature I was able to excel in various sports; basketball, baseball and football. My love, determination and passion for these sports helped me overcome what would be considered physical limitations. It was during this period that I developed the habits that have allowed me to remain at a high fitness level, well throughout my life.

For 25 years I worked in the addiction field as a therapist and director. I developed programs to help clients achieve successful outcomes by incorporating exercise and nutrition as part of the therapeutic model. I found the importance of developing habits. Once clients developed habits that were beneficial they became empowered. As I embarked on a parallel career as a health coach, I found many people fail to develop the habits necessary to achieve their health goals. One of the biggest barrier to maintain their exercise routine is their busy schedule. Most people tend to make poor food choices rather than cooking nutritious meals. No matter how hard you train, you cannot out train a bad diet! I researched top fitness experts and developed at home exercise routines that are challenging but did not require too much time. The main point is you don’t need to have a gym membership to stay fit. Read more about my fitness program at the Stram Center.

I am passionate about helping people get over the barriers that prevent them from achieving their health and fitness goals. I was amateur cyclist for over 10 years and I learned there were factors that lead to my being a successful athlete. Discipline, dedication and overcoming mental barrier.

  • Certified Health Coach
  • MA Counseling Psychology
  • United States Cycling Federation, USCF, license for 12 years
  • Personal Trainer for over 13 years

  • At home exercise sessions
  • Individualized fitness programs
  • Turbulence training for weight loss
  • Strong lifts
  • Sport specific exercise programs


There are no limitations in life; we choose to put limits on ourselves”.