Kathy Forde

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All the way from Ireland, Kathy brings her young daughter to the Stram Center for treatment of Chronic Lyme

Greetings Stram Center:

I have been meaning to write to you all to thank you so much for all that you have done for Davida and our family. You have no idea what you have done for us and we will be forever grateful, accommodation in Ireland for life.

Just to tell you how much you have done for us:

Jan 2013 we were in hospital in Dublin thinking that this will be it, as we had our Lyme results from Germany in our hands and that help would be given. Our Dr. had looked for Davida to be admitted as she hadn't walked since the previous Sept and the pain was getting worse. Unfortunately or fortunately as we look at it now they ripped the results up and ranted and raved how crazy we were. I brought Davida home and we had already an appointment in Germany for Feb 12th. Before we left for Germany I asked Davida was she sure about going as she was very unwell and sleeping a lot. She said she had to go as she knew she had someone to meet there...... at the time I thought nothing of this but now believe that was to be Dr Stram.

We are so appreciative of the whole Stram Team and just know that from the reception door to the treatment rooms the atmosphere and the kindness exceeds all other places we have been to. I hope that you are all proud of that and no matter how rough a day has been for any of you just know that you have helped so many just being in the professions that you are all in.

Forever Grateful

Forde Family xxx

Update November, 2014: Davida's energy level has increased and she's able to enjoy outings and is no longer confined 24/7 to a wheelchair.

Left to right: Davida in April 2014 going to her favorite team's match. Davida today (November 2014)