Ashley Sofia Polihronakis

After dealing with a host of comprehensive health problems, terrible misdiagnoses and medicinal incompetence, I found the Stram Center. I believe they saved my life.

They were the first health care facility that seemed to truly listen to my concerns and symptoms. Before I found them, I was told I might never get better, and I began to believe that, as I felt worse with every day. Once I started my medical journey with the Stram Center everything changed. They finally pieced together the missing pieces of the puzzle and over the course of a few years I went from hardly able to go for walks, to running for miles and miles. I went from sick, exhausted, and chronically in pain to healthy, active and normal. I am forever grateful for the consideration they gave me, the treatment plan they tailored to my body, and the care they take with each of their patients. If you're sick, and you are looking to heal, look no further. I believe they saved my life.