Nutritional Supplements

Our Natural Nutritional Supplements

Prevention of disease and support of the body's innate ability to heal using natural remedies that are safe and effective are the inherent philosophies of Naturopathic Medicine and Integrative Medicine at the Center. Our doctors personally evaluate and select supplements and vitamins that have earned the highest reputation for quality and efficacy and are a generally safer, gentler alternative to pharmaceuticals. These supplements are available for purchase in our office.

The Benefits of Professional Guidance

An essential component to safe and effective herbal therapy treatment is professional guidance. Our healthcare practitioners always take a complete medical history, are willing to communicate with your other doctors about your treatment plan, and explain to you the potential side effects and risks before trying a natural supplement therapy. Our doctors offer the full spectrum of diagnostic and laboratory testing to optimize their herbal and vitamin treatment plans and fully evaluate pharmaceuticals you may be taking and other herbal or vitamin therapies for possible interactions and side effects that may result.