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The Essence of the Healing Power of Reiki

Sue Coughtry, LMT Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I found a wonderful article about Reiki in the May 2010 issue of Body and Soul Magazine (Relief Through Reiki: Alternative Healing by Lynn Darling).  It very poignantly describes the anger that a woman experiences as she undergoes radiation treatment for her breast cancer.

Her descriptions are so very personal and vivid.  She is not a woman who puts much faith in alternative therapies but decides to see if Reiki can help her release some of her anger.  She describes what she experiences during her first Reiki session, and how it really did allow her to let the anger go, finding more peace and freedom and comfort than she had felt in a long time.  In her words “whatever Reiki is, and whether or not, by any quantifiable measure, it works, it works for me.”  I found the article to be very moving.  It shows how taking a chance and trying something new in times of great challenges can give you such gifts and tools to help you on your way. 

A sidebar in this article also explains that New York’s Beth Israel Medical Center has “recently launched a program that includes Reiki as one of 5 interventions used to create an optimal healing environment on the cancer floor”.  Reiki is becoming more accepted and used by major medical centers all the time.  I have been working with Reiki for 14 years and can attest to its ability to bring peace and comfort, to relieve pain and stress, and to encourage healing, as well as to maintain your health.  It is a wonderful tool to explore, and you can learn to use it for yourself very easily.  Reiki started me, many years ago, on my path to healing myself to, now, helping others to find their own healing through working at the Center.  It is a powerful and profound tool of healing and transformation, and yet is so simple.  If you so desire, see where it can take you.