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Stram Center Now Offers Beyond Balance

Kirsten Carle N.D. Sunday, July 09, 2017
Istock-beyond balance

Several Stram Center providers attended the Forum for Integrative Medicine conference in San Francisco. What they learned was invaluable.

In the spring, a few of our Stram Center providers --Jennifer Mager, Natasha Ruiz and Kirsten Carle-- had the opportunity to attend the Forum for Integrative Medicine conference in San Francisco, which focused this year on integrative approaches to chronic infections. The forum featured a variety of experts in the field, and our providers returned with an abundance of new insights regarding assessment, treatment and overall approach to patients who struggle with chronic infections. Hoping to find some new herbal formulas to more effectively address chronic infections, including those that are tick borne, we were not disappointed. At the conference, numerous clinicians from many different disciplines spoke about the positive responses of their patients to the Beyond Balance herbal formulas. Impressed by what we heard, the Stram Center has now begun to carry these herbal products, developed by herbalist, Susan McCamish. These high-quality, carefully crafted formulas are produced in GMP compliant facilities with all ingredients tested to the highest standards for quality and purity. With many different formulas to combat a variety of infections, support the immune system and facilitate detoxification, we are excited to be able to utilize the Beyond Balance products to support the health and well being of our patients.