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The Stram Center for Integrative Medicine , with two locations - Delmar, New York (just outside of Albany), and Bennington, Vermont - offers a holistic and empowering approach to your health. Make an Appointment

The integrated Approach at The Center

Our integrated approach combines the latest advances in medical care to address all chronic illnesses, including Cancer and Chronic Lyme Disease. Menu of Services

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Beth Rye

"Thank you for being the doctor who has finally worked out what is wrong with me"--Beth has come all the way from England for long term treatment at the Stram Center. She became like family to us and here is what she has to say:

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Maria O

Maria's complex health condition allows her to comment on a variety of services and practitioners at the Stram Center; here's what she had to say:

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A Young Woman’s Brave Fight Against Lyme Will Inspire and Give Hope

A young woman's brave and amazing fight against Lyme Disease will inspire and give hope.

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Listen to Sinead’s experience at the Stram Center for her Lyme Disease treatment.

Sinead's experience at the Stram Center for her Lyme Disease treatment

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Alison F.

" I thank God for Dr. Stram and pray that He will continue to bless this practice"

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Delmar Resident

"My daughter was sick for almost 8 years"

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Kathy Forde

All the way from Ireland, Kathy brings her young daughter to the Stram Center for treatment of Chronic Lyme

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Sig Adelmann

"Thanks to Dr. Stram who recognized my symptoms as Lyme"

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Kelsey O’Brien: “Thank you Dr. Stram for everything you do.”

Kelsey is helping to spread the word that Lyme Disease is REAL through her original song and story of how she "smiles through the pain" of Lyme Disease.

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Kim C

"Within a month, I was nearly pain free, my digestion was under control and I was able to enjoy things in life again"

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    Integrative Cancer Care

    Broadening the choices, expanding the healing: we offer integrative therapies at any stage of treatment, remission and recovery.

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    Chronic Illness

    We look to find the root cause of your disease - from gastrointestinal disorders, symptoms of chronic Lyme Disease, chronic pain and more...

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    Pain Management

    Our various team strategies emphasize resolving
    the source of pain, not merely
    masking it.

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    Women's Health

    Our integrative approach provides holistic, balanced and effective care to achieve tangible results in a way that feels fulfilling to the individual.

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    Lyme Disease

    Compassionate care for the complex treatment of Lyme Disease.

  • prevention
    Weight Loss and Lifestyle

    The Stram Center Weight Loss and Lifestyle Transformation Program is a 3 month medically supervised, personalized program.