Your Customized Personal Supplement Plan

The doctors at the Center can provide a detailed and comprehensive supplement plan customized to maximize your health and well being.

Our healthcare practitioners always take a complete medical history and explain to you the potential side effects and risks before trying a natural supplement therapy. The Center's doctors offer the full spectrum of diagnostic and laboratory testing to optimize their herbal and vitamin treatment plans and fully evaluate pharmaceuticals and other herbal or vitamin therapies you may be taking for possible interactions and side effects that may result. This is an essential component to safe and effective herbal therapy treatment and can only be supported through professional guidance.

Your customized plan may also include integrative medicine recommendations such as lifestyle changes, acupuncture, diet and nutritional counseling in order to achieve optimal health benefits and results.

After the initial face-to-face consultation, follow-up medical interviews may be done over the phone from time to time, if you live outside the area and at the practitioner's discretion.

Your Personal Nutritional Supplement Plan

We understand how confusing it is to sift through the myriad of supplements that line the shelves of your local pharmacy. It may also be difficult to understand how to take supplements, and how they might interact with your current health regime. Let us help you take the mystery out of self-treatment.

Our naturopathic doctors, Korey DiRoma, N.D. and Kirsten Carle, N.D., and registered dietitian Eric Sharer, RD believe in the healing power of nature and can help you optimize your health or treat specific illnesses through natural remedies. The Naturopathic doctors can help guide you and prepare a personal plan that works for you.