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Patient Stories

As many Lyme patients know, "feeling better" is not always the result of a 30 day antibiotic treatment.

Here is how one patient describes her condition well after her 30 day course of antibiotics and whose story is not unfamiliar...

Before I was ill, I worked as an accountant, I liked my job, I was good at it. I welcomed caring for my children and looked forward to the times of joy and engagement with my friends and family. Now, it is impossible for me to get out of bed, I'm so tired. I can’t think straight. My sleep is turbulent having severe headaches, dizziness, and body aches. My vision is impaired. These symptoms come and go and I never know when it may come. My arms and legs hurt all the time, migrating from one joint to the next and I cry without reason. I don't know who I am, I'm scared, when will I feel better? Please just tell me I will.

Lyme Patient Story of Today

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