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"How absolutely blessed I am to have found this practice."

Since 1993, I have experienced pain in my abdomen with elevated liver functions. Diagnosed with hepatitis I began to accept the bloating that made me look 3 months pregnant, the pain in the area just below my sternum radiating throughout my abdomen and the back aches, as part of my life. The pain ranged from annoying to maddening accentuated by an occasional inability to digest any food. I also had asthma, IBS, and a score of other annoying diagnoses. In 2001, I began to experience what could only be described as arthritic pain in my muscles with very sore pressure points, later diagnosed as Fibromyalgia.

I can bore you with all the doctor visits, treatment modalities, tests, etc. but I won't. I will tell you after a great deal of pain and frustration, I decided to by my own advocate and I started to research all the diagnoses to find a common thread. I found that they are all considered autoimmune disease. At this point my medical doctor suggested another liver biopsy with an understanding that I would have to do Interferon again. He discounted the autoimmune link. There had to be a better way, I thought.

In talking to friends, someone had gone to the Center. Of course, I was skeptical; but I was desperate. The pain had gotten tot he point where I was considering disability.

I made an appointment with Dr. Stram so that I could talk to him about my philosophy and listen to what his philosophy was. The Interferon, the first time around, resolved the Hepatitis but took its toll. I didn't want to subject my body again to the regime. Surprisingly, Dr. Stram listed and agreed! We talked for 2 hours! Never have I sat with a doctor for that long! We discussed what autoimmune disease was; how Eastern and Western medicine handled this disease, what I could expect from the protocol he would suggest, and where we were going to go together. I was treated with respect and as an equal partner in the decisions of my treatment.

One of the recommendation was a therapy called PRT (positional release therapy). It is a massage/physical therapy. In layman's terms, it helps your gut align to what it should be doing so that the rest of your body can do what it needs to do.

My stomach is no longer boated and neither am I. I have mild to almost no pain, my liver functions are down to normal and the pain radiating from my sternum rarely interrupts my life now. I am taking quite a few supplements. I am on a restricted diet which I follow religiously and I do the PRT about once a month. The asthma is gone. As a matter of fact, the symptoms of my grass allergies, which I have suffered with for over 20 years, did not manifest itself this June. My husband is dumbfounded.

I cannot tell you how this blended approach has helped me regain my life. I am on the road to recovery and I am looking forward to each new day. I have more good days than bad and when the bad days come, I know I have a support system to help me through. How absolutely blessed I am to have found this practice.

Maria C.

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