“My Cholesterol was lowered by 20 points in 6 weeks.”

In my initial visit I was looking for some guidance in lowering my cholesterol in a natural way. Beth suggested a multitude of supplements, meditation, and an anti-inflammatory diet. We spent over one hour together, and I found myself telling her things about my personality and experiences that I have never told anyone. I really felt empowered when I left the office. She is a very kind and caring person, and an excellent listener.

My cholesterol was in fact lowered by 20 points in about 6 weeks. I am sleeping better, and I am starting to feel more energetic. I was not happy with the medical model of prescribing cholesterol - lowering drugs to everyone with elevated cholesterol, even though mine was only mildly high. The drug I was taking did not agree with me.

I am sure that the fish oil and plant sterols are highly responsible for lowering my cholesterol, as my diet has never been particularly high in fat. I also have practically eliminated dairy products from my diet. I like the Bach Remedies, as I feel they help elevate my mood and help me to sleep more soundly. I now have some tools that I can use to make me a healthier and happier person.