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"From that point on, I started feeling better than I had in a year."

Upon finding out, over three years ago, that I have cancer, something I was not ready to hear, I went to an oncologist to see what I could do for this disease. I was informed that the type of cancer I have is not curable at this time but, that it could be put into remission for a short period of time. I then asked how much time, they said eighteen months to three years.

At this point I opted to go on to chemotherapy since there wasn’t any other option; the physicians said that without chemotherapy I would only live six months. After months of chemotherapy I was in remission but, at what cost? My body felt used up like I had nothing left to give. So I asked the doctor if I had any other options. He told me that I could get a second opinion, which I did; I then went to the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. They read the reports from my previous doctor and without any other testing said the same thing, I would have up to three years and to make the best of it. Feeling let down I went home to think about things. After getting over the shock and the remembrance of watching my mother waste away and die from this disease, I decided to go back to my doctor to see if there was any other type of treatment I could get. After a couple of weeks of badgering him, he finally recommended a consultation with Dr. Ronald Stram.

I made an appointment with Dr. Stram where we discussed my options; I began regular intravenous Vitamin C treatments with him and his nurse practitioner, Jennifer Enos. From that point on, I started feeling better than I had in a year. They then discussed with me a treatment that is used in Europe called Iscador and asked if I was interested in trying it. After educating myself about Iscador, I decided I would. After taking this for a few weeks I felt a hundred percent better and started to feel some fight back in my body.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone with this disease; also, to use this treatment along with chemotherapy in order to help eradicate the disease.

I cannot thank Dr. Stram and Jennifer Adams enough for this treatment. I will also let everyone know in the future how things are going.

PS. I do hope in the future insurance companies will realize that Integrative medicine offers help and hope to those who have run out of options.

John A. Brown

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