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Patient Stories

A woman in her 40's came to The Center with limited range of motion in her neck, couldn't turn her head from side to side, and had frequent headaches and sleepless nights.

She was seen by her primary doctor who suggested pain medication which she did not want to take.

Therapeutic massage was performed every week for a month. Client's headaches were gone, range of motion improved and sleep improved as well. Also, as a side benefit the patient became aware of the cause of her stress and was able to address it.

Therapeutic Massage Case Study

A female patient in her 50's came to The Center complaining of chronic low back pain that kept her from being able to sit for long periods of time.

This was difficult for her as she had a desk job. The pain had been with her for many years. She had a history of several falls on her tailbone as well as fractures to the tailbone.

After two sessions of craniosacral therapy, the client reported that the pain was gone and she could sit at her desk for the length of her shift. A monthly follow-up was recommended and client continues to be pain free.

Craniosacral Therapy Case Study #2

A 45 year old female with MS presented with pain and weakness on one side of her body requiring the use of a cane to walk.

Three weekly sessions of Shiatsu with Sue Coughtry reduced dependency on the cane and lessened pain significantly.

Shiatsu Case Study - Multiple Sclerosis

Here's just one example of many where acupuncture was prescribed at the Center resulting in a medication-free and pain-free outcome.

Felice (50), came to the Center seeking help for acute back pain.

While bending over to pick up a 2 pound weight she felt a pop in her lower right side of her back after which she couldn't move for 10 minutes due to the severe pain. Felice was treated with acupuncture.

Felice reported an instant reduction in pain and increase of mobility. She was also prescribed a Chinese herbal formula to help further release the spasm and ensure smooth flow of the affected meridians. The pain continued to decrease during the next acupuncture treatment one week later. Upon follow-up, Felice reported that the pain was completely gone.

Acupuncture Case Study

A 55 year old woman came to the Center reporting hot flashes, irritability, and sleeplessness associated with menopause.

Her hot flashes occurred about 10 times per day and night, waking 2 times per night and sometimes unable to fall asleep. She came weekly for acupuncture for 2 months, and once a month for 6 months.

The practitioner prescribed a Chinese herbal formula to reduce hot flashes, decrease irritability, and improve sleep. Overall, her hot flashes were managed, sleep improved, and she reported feeling calmer and less reactionary to daily stress.

Herbal Case Study

A 57 year old female presented with osteo-arthritis in her knee, ankles and toes.

Four sessions of Shiatsu resulted in significant improvement of her medical condition allowing the client to awake without morning stiffness and to be significantly less dependent on medication.

Shiatsu Case Study - Osteo-Arthritis

A woman in her 50's came to The Center with allergies that developed into ear infections several months ago.

The ear infections cleared up but one ear remained plugged and filled with fluid and the patient stated that she couldn't hear out of it.

The patient's ear, nose and throat specialist recommended surgery but the patient wanted to try an alternative approach instead. Our therapist saw her a total of three times for craniosacral therapy. On the third visit the patient stated that she could hear out of her ear and it was no longer plugged. She also stated that she had her energy back as well.

Craniosacral Therapy Case Study #1

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