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An Infertility Story: “The Stram Center has been a haven of support and thoughtful, high-quality care.”

Acupuncture was recommended to me during the midst of a challenging period of infertility. We had been trying to conceive for over two years with no luck, and had just been officially diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility.’ We had begun visits to a fertility clinic, and I was desperate to try all avenues to conceive our first child. I was also very concerned about the impact of the medications and procedures on my body. I was new to acupuncture, and was not sure what to expect, but the experience was incredible, uplifting, and amazing.

Rebecca could not have been better as an ally and advocate for my mental and physical well being. She answered many of my preliminary questions over the phone, and spent a lengthy first session getting to know me, my habits, and my issues. Her procedures were always explained clearly and carefully. Rebecca was also a calm in they eye of the storm for me – always a relaxing presence, who consistently brought me back to my body and its ability, not its disability, to make things happen. The sessions were a time for me to relax and take care of myself, and I left feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever was next for us. I felt physically better than I had in a long time, and the suggested supplements I was taking in conjunction with the acupuncture helped with my whole body – digestion, clearer thinking, better attitude, even better skin!

We mapped out a series of treatment that would help align my body to be the most receptive to the fertility treatments, and to help with the inherent stress I was under. Though my husband did not go for treatment as well, she suggested it. After just three and a half months, we conceived our baby! I sincerely attribute our success to the addition of acupuncture in our fertility treatments. Rebecca and the Stram Center staff continue to be my first suggestion to friends and family who struggle with a myriad of physical and emotional issues. The Stram Center has been a haven of support and thoughtful, high-quality care.

A.S., Delmar, NY

"Thanks to Rebecca"

When I first met Rebecca, my life held extremely debilitating anxiety and health related fears. I was terrified of doctors. Thanks to Rebecca, I can function much more confidently and independently. I am so grateful to Rebecca's compassion as a true healer.

Kathleen B., Altamont, NY

"A remarkable diminishment of the side effects of my cancer treatments"

Dr. DiRoma was extremely helpful to me during my period of prostate cancer treatment. The nutritional suggestions and herbal supplements he prescribed resulted in a remarkable diminishment of the side effects of my cancer treatments. I found Dr. DiRoma to be patient and informative and a pleasure to work with.

Lynn G. Johnson, PhD, MBA Director - Long Island University

"To all who seek an alternative or concomitant solution with traditional medicine and a willingness to participate in their own health and healing.”

I first met Dr. Stram under difficult circumstances, by way of an unexpected ambulance trip to Albany Memorial Hospital's emergency room last December. I was rushed there after inexplicably collapsing at home. Where only a few hours before I had been cutting down a Christmas tree with my family, I was suddenly thrust into a struggle for my own survival. It was my incredibly good fortune to have the hospital's Director of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Ronald Stram, on call that evening. Fate had caught up with me that day and even threw down a barrier of 3 feet of snow for the EMT's to transport me through. Destiny however, was about to hand me a big break as a new world full of promise, hope and clarity was about to unfold before me.

Sometime after this traumatic event I decided to consult with him at the The Center. My life and my health have improved immeasurably since teaming with Ron and his wonderful staff of skilled and compassionate people, which includes his office manager and wife, Nadine. They have helped empower me to effect positive changes to my health by coaching me to use foods and natural supplements wisely. That along with the balancing and therapeutic touch of his specialized assistants has helped my mind and body bolster their own restorative powers to mentally and physically achieve that balance and to strengthen.

'Joining' their team as a pro-active partner in my health and well-being is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It is difficult to adequately put into words how highly I would recommend them to you. I know that my healing process is hardly complete, but I also know that I am finally on the right path and that I took a quantum leap forward in that journey the day I walked through their door!

Bill B., Averill Park, NY

"Unrushed personal attention"

The Center is like coming to a loving, nurturing, caring environment where my special health needs are met with genuine concern and unrushed personal attention.

Sandra B.

"It was a relief to go to the Center.”

I am a 45-year-old woman and a mother of two boys. I had been having neck and back pain off and on for about year and my menstrual cycle had been irregular for a few years.

I thought it was time to become an active participant in my own health. I wanted more energy, exercise without pain, and ease into my middle years and my menopause gracefully.

It was a relief to go to the Center and see doctors who care so much about who I am as a whole person rather than a “quick fix”. Instead of dreading my mid-life and all that it includes as a woman, I look forward to enjoying each day in good health.

Andrea (Mother, Artist, Teacher) Delmar, NY

"The direction, genuine concern and skilled support I received..."

The direction, genuine concern and skilled support I received from Dr. Stram and his staff at the Center helped me through the very difficult time I was having during the initial months of my cancer diagnosis and treatment.

And when traditional drugs failed, the weekly acupuncture sessions with Rebecca Rice helped reduce the severe nausea I was experiencing during my chemotherapy. They also helped me feel better in general, making it easier to cope.

Alex (Researcher) Alba

"This incredible team! Devoted heart and soul to working with patients"

If I could, and maybe someday I will, I’d write a whole book thanking the doctors at the Stram Center for Integrative Medicine for the superbly sensitive and wonderfully compassionate medical care that they are providing me and my family.

When I discovered Dr. Stram in July 2005, I was feeling rather desperate. I had lymphoma in 2002, and at the time, I sought treatment from a highly respected doctor at a major cancer center in New York City. Over the next year, this doctor traumatized me with his careless and ultimately, highly irresponsible attitude toward my body and health. I finally left his care when he demonstrated in no uncertain terms that he cared far more about his research project than he did about me.

In 2003, I began seeing a local physician to coordinate my follow-up care. But every time I would see him, he would conclude the visit with the same awful words: “You are disgustingly healthy.” He chuckled when I told him I did yoga.

Finally, I decided I had to find a doctor who supported my approach to staying healthy. I searched the internet, but then, a good friend in Delmar told me about The Stram Center, right in the Capital District. She had heard about the center, and suggested I make an appointment to see Dr. Stram.

Can I say miracle? Can I say rainbow? Can I say that I came out of an hour and a half visit with these fabulous doctors in tears of joy and gratitude? I am a big believer in prayer, and I believe God answered my prayers when I found this incredible team, devoted heart and soul to working with patients to heal body and soul. I have since brought my husband and both daughters to see the doctors. The Center is on the forefront of a new era of medicine, one combining West and the East. One that recognizes a wide array of healing techniques to treat not just the body, but the spirit as well.

The doctors at the Center have given me the support I need to begin to recover from the deep trauma I suffered at the hands of clueless and uncaring physicians. I thank Dr. Stram for opening an office HERE! And for doing all they do to promote good health. Bless you!

Claudia R., Ph.D., Spencertown, New York

"Why don't other doctors do that?"

The most amazing thing (to me, anyway) is I have not experienced acid reflux since you (Ron Stram) got rid of the hiatal hernia with positional release therapy. Now why don't other health providers do that little maneuver [prt] instead of plying us with medicine? I haven't taken a 'Pepcid Complete' since....I' m loving that!

Diane B., Communications Specialist

"Thank you to the Center for their careful work."

I came to The Stram Center because I was looking for a practice which would bridge the gap between my allopathic doctor and some of the alternative practitioners. I thought maybe a naturopath could help. I was dealing with health problems which had become alarming, felt lousy, and was trying to avoid surgery.

I have consulted with Ron, and also Chris, for acupuncture. I am impressed by the patience, kindness and attention I have been shown. While I am not yet completely healed, my blood test is much improved, and I believe I am now on the way to better health.

The benefits of a slow and natural recovery have included having to learn to slow down, teaching myself to eat well and live more joyfully, and creating a a routine of regular prayer. These changes will help me age gracefully - and I plan to live a long time! Thank you to the Center for their careful work.

Kelly K.

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