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Patient Stories

Listen as Mary describes how seeing Dr. Ron Stram and the caring practitioners at the Stram Center for Integrative Medicine near Albany, NY, has been one of the top 10 best things she's done in her life.

Mary Testimonial: Stram Center

Mary’s Testimonial

“I was at the end of my rope…”

Chris has been absolutely wonderful helping me with my back problems. I have two bulging discs and spondylolisthesis that had been causing me daily pain for over a year when I first went to see Chris. I was at the end of my rope. I was even considering having surgery. Thanks to Chris, I am able to manage my back pain without medications. He is also a wonderful resource, always willing to answer any questions that I have.

Beth D.

"The practice of Dr. Stram is the most incredible healing practice that I have ever been involved with."

Joe Testimonial - Stram Center

Joe’s Testimonial: Chronic Lyme Disease

“My Cholesterol was lowered by 20 points in 6 weeks.”

In my initial visit I was looking for some guidance in lowering my cholesterol in a natural way. Beth suggested a multitude of supplements, meditation, and an anti-inflammatory diet. We spent over one hour together, and I found myself telling her things about my personality and experiences that I have never told anyone. I really felt empowered when I left the office. She is a very kind and caring person, and an excellent listener.

My cholesterol was in fact lowered by 20 points in about 6 weeks. I am sleeping better, and I am starting to feel more energetic. I was not happy with the medical model of prescribing cholesterol - lowering drugs to everyone with elevated cholesterol, even though mine was only mildly high. The drug I was taking did not agree with me.

I am sure that the fish oil and plant sterols are highly responsible for lowering my cholesterol, as my diet has never been particularly high in fat. I also have practically eliminated dairy products from my diet. I like the Bach Remedies, as I feel they help elevate my mood and help me to sleep more soundly. I now have some tools that I can use to make me a healthier and happier person.

M.D., 62; college professor

"The Center and Dr. Stram helped me deal not only with my health problems and managing my health issues, but also just taught me a different way of thinking about life and that's been helpful to me to grow as a person."

Kecia Testimonial: Stram Center

Kecia’s Testimonial

As many Lyme patients know, "feeling better" is not always the result of a 30 day antibiotic treatment.

Here is how one patient describes her condition well after her 30 day course of antibiotics and whose story is not unfamiliar...

Before I was ill, I worked as an accountant, I liked my job, I was good at it. I welcomed caring for my children and looked forward to the times of joy and engagement with my friends and family. Now, it is impossible for me to get out of bed, I'm so tired. I can’t think straight. My sleep is turbulent having severe headaches, dizziness, and body aches. My vision is impaired. These symptoms come and go and I never know when it may come. My arms and legs hurt all the time, migrating from one joint to the next and I cry without reason. I don't know who I am, I'm scared, when will I feel better? Please just tell me I will.

Lyme Patient Story of Today

"The Stram Center didn't tell me I have 4-6 months to live; they said 'we are going to attack this with everything we can.' I believe I have been helped here."

Christine Testimonial - Stram Center

In loving memory of Christine, who lived more than two years beyond her initial prognosis. Christine agreed to sit with us for this interview because she wanted to encourage others not to give up hope if you are told you have a few months to live and to seek an oncologist who will work with alternative medicine.


"True healers who cared"

After a painful experience with uncaring doctors who treated my cancer, I discovered the doctors at the Center. What a blessing. Finally, I found true healers who cared. They changed my life, opening up a vast new world of healing and healthy living for me and my entire family.


“A gift that only true ‘healers’ possess...”

Today is one of those days, when the words "thank you" seem so ordinary for offering gratitude for extra-ordinary gifts. When I first came to the Center, I came with some amount of cynicism, since I have spent so much time, energy, money and most of all trust and hope on promises and sales jobs by other practitioners.

Very soon I came to realize that what you and your colleagues are doing is so much different and most of all it is authentic, genuine and sincere. Over many years the empty promises led me to dis-trust most everyone and to lose hope that I would ever find a path to wellness. For me, the most important element of healing is really knowing someone is "really" there to support the process.

This compassion, caring and true knowledge that you offer is a gift that only true "healers" possess. So, once again, I offer my deep gratitude for what you are doing and I feel very fortunate to be a beneficiary of what the Center offers.

Deborah R-B.

“My story begins with breast cancer....”

My story begins with a breast cancer diagnosis in September of 2006, followed by surgery and then 4 months of chemotherapy. About 2 months after chemotherapy, I noticed some uneven inflammation and swelling in the inner forearm area. Lymphadema was ruled out and 10 days of high dose “Motrin” was prescribed by my surgeon.

Eventually, these conditions subsided and all seemed well for about a year. Then, after a long day of shopping in Manhattan this past summer, I noticed that my hands and arms had once again become slightly swollen. This time the swelling seemed more severe in my hands, especially the fingers… the swelling again subsided, but I had a third recurrence about a month later and I knew this had to be addressed.

I had an appointment already in place with my oncologist and planned on discussing a course of treatment with her. I was very concerned that I might be dealing with a precursor to lymphadema.

When I arrived for my appointment, I noticed a sign for Dr. Stram’s office in the NYOH building, where I see my oncologist… this seemed like a “good omen” since I planned to discuss the possibility of using acupuncture to treat the recurring swelling.

When I asked my doctor about Dr. Stram’s practice, she was very enthusiastic about my wish to pursue alternative healing as a part of my continuing recovery.

I knew I was in the right place from the first moment I met Dr. Stram.

He took time to listen to all my concerns and asked many questions about my health, lifestyle and my cancer therapies. We agreed upon a course of action to complement my regular oncology visits. That very first day I was even able to begin a course of acupuncture treatments with Rebecca… I can actually feel the energy flowing through my body after one of her treatments.

I know for a certainty, that the combination of acupuncture, nutritional guidelines, vitamins and supplements have greatly improved my condition as well as my overall health… I also feel more in control, knowing that I can continue to improve without relying on toxic chemicals.

I am so very pleased with the results I have had after just 6 short weeks… and I continue to improve.

I feel more confident in my recovery, now that I have Dr. Stram and his terrific staff on my team to help keep me on the path to wellness.

Lisa S. (cancer survivor, ski enthusiast, sewing fabric-holic)

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