Lynn M.Connors

Dear Dr. Puc, I wanted to write and personally thank you for all of your assistance in supporting my recent breast cancer treatment. After meeting with you

in May of this year, I immediately took your advice on changing my diet and lifestyle, exercising regularly, and using the vitamins and supplements that you suggested to better support my immune system during chemotherapy. I underwent a bilateral mastectomy, reconstructive surgery (2 surgeries) and had chemotherapy for 12 weeks. I have remained strong and healthy throughout the entire process. I took up yoga, and I also used acupuncture as an additional form of treatment as well.
Throughout my treatment, I never once became ill, my blood counts never fell, and I was able to stay active and maintain a very normal lifestyle. I worked full time, missed only a few days of work, and had tremendous energy throughout the entire treatment period.. I was tired at times (especially the days following chemo) and I had few, mild side effects. I lost my hair, but otherwise, I sailed through the treatment without any real problems.
I was recently interviewed by IN Good Health Magazine about my cancer journey and I wanted to share the story with you as I mentioned you and The Stram Center in the article. I am so glad that I took the time to travel to Delmar to meet with you, as I really feel that the advice and guidance that you gave me made a significant difference in my strength and health throughout this process.

Please feel free to share my journey and my successes with any others that might benefit from this story. At the time of diagnosis, I was shocked, scared and feared for the worst. After going through this, I now realize the importance of being strong, and living a clean and healthy lifestyle for my prolonged survival. Thank you again for your help, concern and guidance.


Lynn. M. Connors