Lisa Boley

We have our lives back! We feel fortunate every day and we recommend Stram Center to everyone who comes to us with questions.

This review is long overdue. In the winter of 2014, my husband and I found ourselves getting sick every month for no apparent reason. We dismissed it due to wedding planning but then right after our wedding in early 2015, both of our bodies shut down and we were suddenly, severely sick. We spent the next year and a half visiting doctors and specialists with a couple trips to the emergency room. We endured scares of cancer, MS, Mono, Chikungunya virus, Typhus, MRIs of every major organ, the brain, and spine, countless amounts of blood work along with a painful spinal tap. We were checked for Lyme three times by our doctors but results came back inconclusive. Neither of us ever even had a rash! Eventually we were told, "We don't know what's wrong with you, wait and see what happens." We were so sick that we couldn't get up to get a drink of water without exhaustion or fully explain what was wrong due to impaired/delayed cognitive function, just to name a couple symptoms. We had no quality of life and thought we would never get better. Our doctors advised against going to Stram Center but we were fed up and desperately needed help. We went to Stram Center in Delmar, in the summer of 2016 and we are forever grateful we did! We saw Dr. Heidi Puc, who tested us and began treatment immediately. Treatment was intense but we followed protocols exactly as instructed and started feeling better within weeks!! We continued treatment as advised and I'm happy to say that I completely finished treatment by October 2016 and my husband finished this past March. We are both in complete remission without major symptoms. We have our lives back! We feel fortunate every day and we recommend Stram Center to everyone who comes to us with questions. Everyone we met at Stram Center in Delmar was not only very helpful but they were the most compassionate and patient people with us during the hardest time of our lives. Thank you so-so-so- much Stram Center!!

Beth Rye

"Thank you for being the doctor who has finally worked out what is wrong with me"--Beth has come all the way from England for long term treatment at the Stram Center. She became like family to us and here is what she has to say:

Dear Ron (Dr. Stram): Thank you for being the doctor who has finally worked out what is wrong with me. This has been the hardest few years of my life but finding you and your amazing clinic has helped me find the positives. Thank you for giving me the hope of getting better. Thank you for the amazing staff at your clinic- I have been completely blown away by the incredible level of knowledge and support. I've been given the strength to not give up. Staff and patients have inspired me to keep going through the hardest of days. I know I have a long way to go but I couldn't feel in safer hands and I am so thankful my journey led me to you. You are such a special, unique clinic that provides a perfect healing environment. the world needs more Stram clinics! So from the bottom of my hear, thank you for everything.
To all the amazing nurses at the Stram Center: I really can't thank you all enough for what you have done for me! You have given me strength to keep fighting through some of my hardest days. You highlight perfectly what being a nurse is all about and I will be very happy if I can help people in the way you all do! Thank you all for sharing your incredible knowledge and kindness to help me on my healing journey.

Maria O

Maria's complex health condition allows her to comment on a variety of services and practitioners at the Stram Center; here's what she had to say:

The Stram Center for Integrative Medicine is top notch. Dr. Ronald Stram, Dr. Heidi Puc, the nurses, nutritionists and office staff at the Stram Center are some of the most competent and caring people I have ever met. Dr. Stram and his staff have a true passion and caring for helping their patients and genuinely get to know you. The Stram Center is different from any other medical facility or doctor's office in that their treatment plans combine both traditional medicine and integrative/homeopathic remedies. The Center has a "spa-like" quality to it, so you don't feel as if you are in a traditional doctor's office. Dr. Stram works with you to customize an optimal protocol to get you back to health. I found that many physicians are simply not versed in identifying, diagnosing and treating conditions such as Lyme Disease, Thyroid issues, etc., and often simply treat symptoms rather than the cause. Dr. Stram has a depth of experience and education in Lyme Disease and other "hard to diagnose" maladies. He and his staff are efficient, caring, kind and do all they can to get you on the path back to recovery and well-being.

A Young Woman’s Brave Fight Against Lyme Will Inspire and Give Hope

A young woman's brave and amazing fight against Lyme Disease will inspire and give hope.

My name is Kim, I am 25 years old and this is my story. My hopes on writing this and telling a hardship that lasted over 16 years is to provide hope and validation for every patient, family member, or doctor who is fighting this beast of a disease!

At age 10, I became sick with blood in my stools, joint pain, fatigue and headaches.

Months later I was diagnosis with Chrons disease. My symptoms continued over the years and became more severe.

Over the past 16 years I have taken various medicines: Uceris, Lialda, Humeria, Remicaid, Asocal, Colossal, 6mp, Flagial, Prednisone, Hydrocodon , Oyxcodon, Tramodol, Firocet, Butural, Naproxen, Zomig, Cymbalta, Topamax, Muscle relaxers, Anti depressants , Steroid injections, Botox ....and more! (I know it's too much to read! You should try taking them all-ha!) I have also seen various specialists: Gastroenterologist, Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Cardiologist, Hematologist, Orthopedist, Acupuncturist, Psychiatrist, Chiropractor, and Nutritionist. However, none of the specialist I saw seemed to think anything else was wrong.

My symptoms never seemed to clinical match JUST Crohn's disease. My symptoms persisted and became worse over the years. At age 15 Boston's children's hospital advised me I should have my colon removed and "everything else would get better."At age 16 Rochester children's hospital advised me the headaches were related to havingan immune disease and so was the joint pain. "There was nothing else they could do."At age 17 John Hopkins Hospital advised me to have my colon removed and see a psychiatrist. "It maybe caused by stress or depression."At age 23 my neurologist told me "there were no other treatments at this time" and that I should look into having my occipital nerve cut. At age 23 they also found pre cancerous cells in my rectum, my headaches were daily, and the pain in my body was constant. I had multiple hospital stays per year, saw various doctors, took numerous medications, and had an array of diagnostic tests done, yet still no answers!

I began to believe this was life so I fought everyday. To finish school, to work, to have a social life, to smile through the pain, to do daily activities. It all seemed hard, every little thing. And pain became a daily occurrence.

At 24 my body gave up. It didn't matter how much I fought. I could no longer go on.

I started to become nauseous, fainted at work, couldn't remember things, had trouble finding my words, my joints were very stiff, I was in unbelievable pain and, I was beyond weak.

I lost everything that year. My job, my apartment, my social life, and my independence. Soon I could no longer get out of bed. And my family feed me, bathed me, and took care of me around the clock like a child again.

But then something changed. At 24 years old, April of 2014

my mom found the Stram Center. Dr. Jennifer Mager and Dr. Ronald Stram. Also known as,

my superheroes! TOGETHER began to fight the hardest battle thus far, treating me for LYME DISEASE!

Getting my diagnosis was half the battle. We had a long road ahead that consisted of bilaterally pic lines, a port placement and aggressive antibiotic treatment both orally and intravenously. We took steps forward and also had many setbacks. My hope dwindled at times and I began to doubt ever becoming well. However, after 1 year and 9 months of treatments and the unwavering support and determination of the Stram Center, I am finally off all crohns medicines for the first time in 14 years and off all migraine medicines for the first time in 10 years.

I still have my colon after 5 different gastroenterologists said there was no hope and it should be surgically removed. I had a colonoscopy 3 months ago that was normal for the first time in 14 years. NO ulceration! My daily debilitating headaches and neck pain are improving for the first time in over 6 years and lastly my fatigue has decreased significantly! I see myself enjoy everyday life instead of struggling just to get by.

What did the Stram center do? They listened, they believed me, and they treated me for LYME DISEASE! They saved my life and even more so changed my life!

Jennifer, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I prayed for a miracle and we found it!

IT WAS YOU! I still wonder why after 16 years of suffering and 9 specialist later, why I was fortunate enough to find you? I thank god everyday and promise to use this hardship for the better. To educated and help others. To work hard and never waste this second chance I was given at a healthy future! You gave me my life back and made me healthy for the first time since I was 10 years old. Keep fighting the good fight! Keep being that ONE doctor who listens who believes, who thinks outside of the box! Thank you will never be enough!

The healing grace Jennifer Mager, Ronald Stram, and the Stram center have given me


Lynn M.Connors

Dear Dr. Puc, I wanted to write and personally thank you for all of your assistance in supporting my recent breast cancer treatment. After meeting with you

in May of this year, I immediately took your advice on changing my diet and lifestyle, exercising regularly, and using the vitamins and supplements that you suggested to better support my immune system during chemotherapy. I underwent a bilateral mastectomy, reconstructive surgery (2 surgeries) and had chemotherapy for 12 weeks. I have remained strong and healthy throughout the entire process. I took up yoga, and I also used acupuncture as an additional form of treatment as well.
Throughout my treatment, I never once became ill, my blood counts never fell, and I was able to stay active and maintain a very normal lifestyle. I worked full time, missed only a few days of work, and had tremendous energy throughout the entire treatment period.. I was tired at times (especially the days following chemo) and I had few, mild side effects. I lost my hair, but otherwise, I sailed through the treatment without any real problems.
I was recently interviewed by IN Good Health Magazine about my cancer journey and I wanted to share the story with you as I mentioned you and The Stram Center in the article. I am so glad that I took the time to travel to Delmar to meet with you, as I really feel that the advice and guidance that you gave me made a significant difference in my strength and health throughout this process.

Please feel free to share my journey and my successes with any others that might benefit from this story. At the time of diagnosis, I was shocked, scared and feared for the worst. After going through this, I now realize the importance of being strong, and living a clean and healthy lifestyle for my prolonged survival. Thank you again for your help, concern and guidance.


Lynn. M. Connors

Susan Lohmiller

I have and will continue to recommend the Stram Center for Integrative Medicine and Holly Niles for health, wellness and true healing.

Holly Niles at the Stram Center for Integrative Medicine has been instrumental in helping with the digestive challenges since having a cholecystectomy in July of 2016.
After surgery the hospital gave me some dietary guidelines to follow, such as low fat and that I might have some digestive upset, but that would subside in a few weeks. However, the symptoms did not subside and continued for months. At my annual physical I was found to be deficient in Vitamin D as well as B-12 all of which can occur post cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal). At that point it was my goal to simply get through the holidays, and then try to seek professional help in January.
A very dear friend who is a patient at the Stram Center, told me that there was a new nutritionist and perhaps I should try to see her. I called and got an appointment with Holly. Holly gave me a generous full hour explaining why I might be having the GI upset. She further explained how important it was to have a healthy microbiome (good gut bugs). She took some medical history noting that I had been on antibiotics three times over the past 12 months and that that can really wreak chaos with the microbiome as antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria, but kill the good ones too.
Having a healthy gut is key to having a healthy body. So, armed with my recent medical history she developed a plan to help heal my gut. She incorporated supplements, vitamins, probiotics and a nutritional plan that used foods to help heal. She told me it would take time for all this to work as it takes time to heal. When I went back a month later, I felt so much better, she said I looked better, my disposition was better and my eyes were brighter. She has continued to guide me through this process of nutritional healing and has taught me that FOOD IS MEDICINE!

Ashley Sofia Polihronakis

After dealing with a host of comprehensive health problems, terrible misdiagnoses and medicinal incompetence, I found the Stram Center. I believe they saved my life.

They were the first health care facility that seemed to truly listen to my concerns and symptoms. Before I found them, I was told I might never get better, and I began to believe that, as I felt worse with every day. Once I started my medical journey with the Stram Center everything changed. They finally pieced together the missing pieces of the puzzle and over the course of a few years I went from hardly able to go for walks, to running for miles and miles. I went from sick, exhausted, and chronically in pain to healthy, active and normal. I am forever grateful for the consideration they gave me, the treatment plan they tailored to my body, and the care they take with each of their patients. If you're sick, and you are looking to heal, look no further. I believe they saved my life.

Listen to Sinead’s experience at the Stram Center for her Lyme Disease treatment.

Sinead Shines | Lyme Disease Treatment

Sinead's experience at the Stram Center for her Lyme Disease treatment

Sinead's long journey with Lyme disease brings her from Ireland to Delmar where she find treatment and healthy recovery.

Alison F.

" I thank God for Dr. Stram and pray that He will continue to bless this practice"

When I first came to the Stram Center three years ago, I could not stand up straight and had a hard time walking. I knew I had Lyme Disease, but could not find a doctor in all of Syracuse who would diagnose or treat me. Dr. stram spent two and half hours with me on my first visit (when has that ever happened in a doctor's office before??) He diagnosed me with Lyme and started me on a treatment plan immediately. While recovery for anyone with Lyme is a long and often complicated process (and it was for me) I can tell you that I am living a full and happy life once again. Dr. Stram and his staff have been so much more to me than simply "providers". They have been compassionate healers dedicated to my overall well-being. I have recommended them to many people in my circles who are suffering with Lyme and I would recommend them to you. I thank God for Dr. Stram and pray that He will continue to bless this practice.

Delmar Resident

"My daughter was sick for almost 8 years"

My daughter was sick for almost eight years and not one "specialist" we were sent to said, "Lyme" ("Lyme doesn't exist".) Thankfully we found the Stram Center and I cannot say enough good things about the staff. My daughter is finally getting the help she needs.

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