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New Craniosacral Therapy Techniques

By Sue Coughtry, LMT

I love learning new things that can be of help to my patients.  I took a new craniosacral seminar two weeks ago.  This was part refresher class and part new techniques and skills.

Posted In: Blog Massage Therapy Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy Pain Management Preventative Health Sue Coughtry LMT

Craniosacral Therapy Found to Significantly Improve Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

By Sue Coughtry, LMT

I just read a research study on Craniosacral Therapy’s beneficial effects on people suffering from fibromyalgia.  The results of this study were very clear and significant.  Craniosacral Therapy definitely and significantly reduced the body pain, anxiety and depression experienced by the participants of the study, all of whom had fibromyalgia.  It improved their overall quality of life – there were clear improvements in physical function, general health and vitality, and therefore the ability to take part in social activities.  Craniosacral Therapy also improved the quality of their sleep in the participants.

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Sleeping Positions and Pain - Part 2

By Sue Coughtry, LMT

I have heard from a number of people since I wrote my first blog about this on how hard it is to change from being a stomach sleeper to being comfortable in any other position, even though sleeping on their stomach causes pain.  I understand because I was a stomach-sleeper till I was in my teens.  Then my neck cramped up big time and I couldn’t do that any more.  It was a tough transition but I had no choice and eventually succeeded.

Posted In: Blog Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy Pain Management Preventative Health Stress Management Sue Coughtry LMT

The Essence of the Healing Power of Reiki

By Sue Coughtry, LMT

I found a wonderful article about Reiki in the May 2010 issue of Body and Soul Magazine (Relief Through Reiki: Alternative Healing by Lynn Darling).  It very poignantly describes the anger that a woman experiences as she undergoes radiation treatment for her breast cancer.

Posted In: Blog Massage Therapy Mind Body Medicine Mind Body Medicine, Reiki Preventative Health Stress Management Sue Coughtry LMT

Your Sleep Positions Could be Causing Your Pain - Part 1

By Sue Coughtry, LMT

Would you believe that a good night’s sleep can make you hurt the next day?  Or make your chronic pain worse?  It can. I see many people who wake up in more pain than when they went to sleep.  There are a number of ways that your sleeping positions and habits can make you sore the next morning, or even make existing problems worse.

Here’s what can happen and what you can do to prevent it.

Posted In: Blog General Pain Management Preventative Health Sue Coughtry LMT

Stretching Has Heart Health Benefits

By Sue Coughtry, LMT

Here is a big incentive to keep stretching, or add it to your health regimen.  I just learned from an article on MSNBC that a study has found that women who are more flexible have about 7% less arterial stiffness and lower blood pressure than women who are less flexible. When you improve your flexibility by stretching it helps expand the arteries and keeps them more pliable, which improves heart function.

Posted In: Blog Cardiovascular Health General Physical Fitness Sue Coughtry LMT Women's Health

Lyme Disease and Craniosacral Therapy

By Sue Coughtry, LMT

This has been a bumper year for ticks and that has resulted in as big a year for Lyme disease here in the Northeast.  While craniosacral therapy can’t treat or cure Lyme disease, it can definitely make a big difference in the amount of pain and discomfort you find yourself in and helps speed the healing process.

Posted In: Blog Lyme Disease Massage Therapy Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy Preventative Health Sue Coughtry LMT

Massage Therapists are Health Professionals

By Sue Coughtry, LMT

Something that I find disappointing in my practice is how seldom doctors recommend therapeutic massage to their patients for the alleviation of pain.

Posted In: Blog Healthcare Reform Massage Therapy Sue Coughtry LMT

What’s Really Going on When You’re Hurting: Trigger Points and Muscle Pain

By Sue Coughtry, LMT

Spring is here and we’re all out cleaning up our lawns and planting gardens and brushing up on our summer activities. Often we over-do it and get sore. My patients often ask what causes those knots that they feel in their muscles.  They often wonder what trigger points are.

Posted In: Blog Massage Therapy Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy Preventative Health Sue Coughtry LMT

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