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The Weight Loss Puzzle

Korey DiRoma, Naturopathic Doctor Wednesday, February 12, 2014
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Most everyone wants to lose weight and many people are successful at losing some weight. But the difficulty often lies in keeping the weight off, or losing some weight, but not reaching your overall goals.

Why You Can't Keep the Weight Off

Most programs will work during the short term, because any NEW change that is made, for example a different diet or new exercise routine, will be a “shock”to the system, and the body will start burning calories. However, the body will start to become more efficient, and as a consequence, will start to burn less calories and you will see a drop off in weight loss. This is called a “plateau”.This is the point where most will become discouraged and may even quit a program or go back to old habits.

Getting Stuck in a Weight Loss Plateau

" Not being in shape" means that the body has a more difficult time using oxygen under high demand. This is what happens when you get out of breath running a short distance or climbing a flight of stairs. However as you “get in shape”your cardiovascular system becomes more efficient at carrying oxygen to your muscles and tissues. Since oxygen leads directly to energy, your body does not need to burn as much fat for energy.Your body is always trying to find ways to conserve energy and burn LESS fat!

Key to a Successful Weight Loss Program

With the 3 month Stram Center Weight Loss and Lifestyle Transformation Program, you will be taught the keys of breaking through metabolic efficiency so that your body can continue to burn fat and lose weight.

The Stram Center Weight Loss and Lifestyle Transformation Program is a 3 month medically supervised, personalized program. You will work with a team of medical professionals, including a naturopathic doctor, a holistic nurse practitioner, a personal health and fitness coach as well as a nutritionist and culinary chef. Our Lifestyle Transformation program is designed to get you healthier, stronger and leaner while incorporating a personalized nutrition and training program that will last a lifetime.