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Some Anti Breast Cancer Dietary Picks

Dr. Heidi Puc Thursday, January 07, 2016
Green tea

A wide variety of dietary nutrients and herbs have been studied and found to be effective for both prevention of and therapy of established breast cancer. Here is a short list of top picks:

Flavonoids and proanthrocyanidins in grapes and other fruits and vegetables have been shown to kill breast cancer cells in vitro.

Tocopherols/tocotrienols (Vitamin E compounds, commonly found in leafy green vegetables, wheat germ oil, nuts, and fish) have been shown to inhibit estrogen receptor positive cancer cell growth by altering cellular response to estrogen.

Curcumin interfers with growth factor stimulation of breast cancer cells and reduces tumor growth in animal and in vitro studies. Please note that when choosing the supplement form of curcumin, otherwise known as the most active constituent of the spice known as turmeric, giving it its yellow color, make sure it also contains black pepper to aid in its absorption by the body.

Green tea has a protective effect against breast cancer and can also inhibit breast cancer cell growth and invasion.

Flaxseed lignans in cellular and animal studies can reduce breast tumor growth and help prevent metastases and human trials have shown that high plant lignan intake is associated with a reduced risk of post menopausal breast cancer.

Vitamin D: Although most data with vitamin D has suggested a preventive role for breast cancer, there is data indicating that women with low levels of vitamin D tend to have more advanced breast cancer while women with higher levels of vitamin D tend to have less advanced cancers.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids, found in flax oil, algae oil, and fish oil, have been shown to reduce breast tumor growth in animal models so incorporating these into the diet in the metastatic breast cancer setting would also be prudent.