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Meet our new Guided Meditation Teacher, Janaki Ramkumar

Tuesday, November 01, 2016
Janaki Ramkumar

I was born and raised in India and left there after earing my Masters in Statistics. I came to the US 15 years ago. To stay connected to my orthodox Hindu family roots, I teach the Indian Heritage class at Albany Hindu Temple. The Heritage class helps children to understand their Indian Heritage. The curriculum is designed by Pujya Dyananda Saraswatiji of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in Pennsylvania. Teaching this class gave me the opportunity to visit the Ashram and attend their meditation retreats. The first time I did meditation I wasn't sure whether I could do it! But, as I meditated more, it got better and better; that is the process by which I encourage others in their journey. I'm also a member of the Interfaith Story Circle of Albany. This gave me the opportunity to tell spiritual stories. I wanted to combine storytelling and meditation together. I started visiting the meditation sessions at the Stram Center a year ago and began telling spiritual storied at the end of the session to offer inspiration and help deepen the experience. I was also invited to do a meditation and storytelling session for Camp Braveheart. The experience has been overall so rewarding that I have made it part of my practice as a meditation teacher.