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Lyme Disease and Craniosacral Therapy

Sue Coughtry, LMT Sunday, September 27, 2009

This has been a bumper year for ticks and that has resulted in as big a year for Lyme disease here in the Northeast.  While craniosacral therapy can’t treat or cure Lyme disease, it can definitely make a big difference in the amount of pain and discomfort you find yourself in and helps speed the healing process.

Lyme disease often results in muscle, joint, and nerve pain as well as fuzzy thinking and cognitive and neurological problems.  Craniosacral therapy can be a big help in coping with and easing the symptoms and may actually help speed the healing.  It improves and balances the flow of the fluids (cerebrospinal fluid) bathing the brain and spinal cord, which in turn helps calm and relax the entire nervous system. . If you are more relaxed you are in less pain and the neurological effects can be eased.  (I personally find craniosacral therapy to be the most relaxing therapy I ever have experienced, and I get sessions monthly without fail, just to maintain my health). Craniosacral therapy also stimulates your immune system so that your own body can heal faster.  Once you are on the mend, combinations of craniosacral therapy with massage, lymphatic drainage, and positional release therapy can ease any lingering discomfort.  If anyone you know is dealing with lyme disease, tell them to try craniosacral therapy to help them get through it.