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Goodbye to Allergies and Sensitivities: NAET

Christopher Reilly, L.AC Friday, April 19, 2013

NAET is one of the only methods available to address not just the symptoms that arise due to allergies and sensitivities, but the root of those sensitivities and allergies in the body itself.

Dr. Devi Nambudripad has spent decades refining and developing the allergy and sensitivity elimination techniques known as NAET, and we are proud to add NAET to the services available at the Stram Center in both Delmar and Bennington.

Sinus Congestion, Digestive Upset, Migraines and Beyond

Acupuncturists Chris Reilly and have both trained directly under Dr. Nambudripad, and are offering NAET for food intolerances and sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, and intolerances to numerous environmental agents. There may be foods that upset your digestion, you may have chronic skin sensitivities, or perhaps you have migraine triggers, but tests are negative for actual allergy to those factors. NAET can help the body reduce and eliminate its reactivity to those agents, resolving symptoms and dysfunction at their source.

There are NAET protocols to treat allergies that do test positive on IgE testing. We do not offer NAET for IgE positive allergies at this time, but hope to add that service to our growing list soon. Keep checking back for updates!

For more information on NAET, you can check the NAET page on our website or call our office to set up a consultation.