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Boosting the Lung qi: Meridian-Based Acupressure

Christopher Reilly L.Ac., MSA Sunday, May 10, 2015

There are many benefits to acupressure. Supporting the lung channel is very important when faced with Lyme and related illnesses.

Based on traditional pulse diagnosis, a lot of our Lyme patients present with a slippery or obstructed quality in their lung pulse. I have found that supporting the lung channel is very important for moving forward when faced with lyme and related illnesses. In traditional Chinese medicine, the lung channel is closely associated with the activity of the immune system. Also known as the hand taiyin channel, it begins in the chest, and extends to the tip of the thumb, with some of the most important and effective points located between the wrist and the elbow (see diagram).

While in a calm and centered state of mind and being, gently brush from the elbow towards the wrist and hand. Brush with your pointer and middle fingers in the same way you would lightly brush a piece of lint from your arm, deep pressure is not needed. The focus here is a clearing of the channel - the removal of any obstructions or "gunk" in the channel. After several passes, or once the channel feels clear to you, brush from the wrist up towards the elbow, focusing on "re-charging" the channel.

Think of bringing fresh vitality into the lung channel as if you were finger-painting pure white light up your arm. Gentleness is the rule here, and you should only need a few passes from wrist to elbow if your focus is good. Sit calmly for at least five minutes after. Have fun with it, and see how you feel!